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DV8 Medusa Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane and Backend Motion


2.507 (15lb)

.048 (15lb)

.011 (15lb)



Inciter Max Flip




Mid Performance

DV8 Medusa Bowling Ball

(4 customer reviews)


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DV8 Medusa Bowling Ball Features:

DV8 is excited to introduce Medusa to the line-up as a shiny, asymmetric with a lot of pop and a lot attitude. This unique looking ball will turn heads and opponents into stone, just like the Greek mythological character. Medusa enhances the DV8 line by offering a lower intermediate asymmetric with a medium RG and Differential. These core numbers and Inciter Max Flip create easy length and a nice kick on the backend.

4 reviews for DV8 Medusa Bowling Ball

  1. Sal B

    The Medusa is a great addition to the DV8 line. If your looking for that skid flip type of reaction this ball is gonna fill that happy spot. Very clean down lane that can make a hard turn. Great carry and and great pin action ball. Also a very easy maintenance ball. Def need in the bag.

  2. Dustin Bearden

    The DV8 Medusa is the ball to go to when you need something to be clean through the front and be extremely angular on the back end. This is the ball that DV8 was missing in its current lineup. The Medusa maintains its energy very well through the pins, and it also keeps them low which maximizes the carry. The compound finish makes the break point a bit sooner on the lane than most skid flip balls, but that can easily be fixed with a surface adjustment if you want a later reaction. I love mine out of the box. I would recommend this ball for anyone’s skid flip reaction.

  3. TheHopeDiamond22

    When this comes out of the bag it will turn your opponents to stone when they see the motion. LOL. Very great addition to the DV8 line up. Strong Midlane heavy rolling with a big snap at the breakpoint. Best success was used on medium volumes. Layout 70X4.5X30. For the visual pin is above the middle and mass bias is far right from the thumb. Cover is very versatile. Hit with 2K/3K to smoothen out reaction. Was able to stay in the same area without a massive move. Very easy to read and still hits hard. If are looking for snappy look no further.

  4. Chris Walden

    Holy cow this thing rocks! Super strong, continuous and down right nasty! Definitely a must have ball in your arsenal. It hits extremely hard , and does not wasn’t to quit. With it being shiny from factory, I went with an earlier drill angle , as with my ball speed and rev rate, I had to make sure I wouldn’t miss the break point . It definitely did not! I could get in, get around it, and have no issues. On heavier volumes I could play up the lane and keep it more in front of me, without the worry of wrap 10 or over under. A really good piece from DV8! Keep the hits coming!!

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