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DV8 Verge Bowling Ball



Solid Reactive


High Performance

Heavy Oil



Inciter Solid

.049 (15lb)

360, 500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad

2.476 (15lb)

Strong Midlane and Continuation on Heavy Oil



DV8 Verge Bowling Ball

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DV8 Verge Bowling Ball Features:

The Verge features a new core design for DV8. The Threshold core is a low RG, medium-high differential symmetrical design. It is paired with the Inciter Solid cover that was used previously on the Instigator. The Verge comes out of box at a rough 360/500/2000 SiaAir finish. The low RG core and dull coverstock get the Verge into the lane quickly, revving up strongly off the bowler’s hand.

  • New symmetric core shape – Threshold
  • Low RG and medium to high differential – for that big symmetric reaction shape DV8 has been missing
  • Strong solid cover formulation, Inciter Solid to produce the traction needed for a strong overall motion
  • Stronger finishing surface to provide longer-lasting performance results and more traction throughout the body of the lane without giving up continuation

1 review for DV8 Verge Bowling Ball

  1. Thomas Mongeon

    DV8 Verge
    Axis Tilt: 7°
    Axis Rotation: 40°
    PAP: 4 13/16 x ⅛ ^
    Speed and rev rate matched
    60° x 4 x 30°

    The Verge is a strong symmetric solid that helps bridge the gap between the Pitbull Bark/Instigator and the Frequency/Night Prolwer. The Verge offers a big round motion that helps smooth out over blocked league patterns or fresh sport patterns. I like that I can keep moving in and get around it as the lanes start to transition and it will continue going through the pins. Keeping the out of box surface on the Verge, I saw strong mid lane read and a smooth, controlled, arc through the pins. On our 45ft house shot, the ball looks great when I kept it in the meat of the pattern longer. One thing I noticed was the stronger finishing process seemed to last longer and not see lane shine as fast. Smoothing the surface out the surface or adding Compound or polish gave the Verge a foot or two more push in the heads while still maintaining the strong arc downlane. This is a ball I gravitate to a lot when the lanes get tricky. Definitely a strong benchmark ball that will have a spot in my league and tournament bag for a while. I can see this ball seeing a lot of use at the USBC Open Championship.

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