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Ebonite Omni Bowling Ball



Solid Reactive


High Performance

Heavy Oil



GSV 2.0

.050 (15lb)

500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad

.013 (15lb)

2.501 (15lb)

Strong Midlane and Backend Reaction



Ebonite Omni Bowling Ball

(4 customer reviews)


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Ebonite Omni Bowling Ball Features:

Omni is the newest addition to the Ebonite line up. All our testers loved the Omni for its versatility. It reminded everyone of the famous V2, not only because of the familiar black and blue colors, but the usability it provides on so many conditions for many styles. The Omni core is a new asymmetric shape for the Ebonite line, and the outer core has the proven DynamiCore technology for more power at impact. Ebonite fans will love that the Omni uses characteristics of the popular GSV 2.0 cover.

4 reviews for Ebonite Omni Bowling Ball

  1. Bob Moran

    One of Brunswick’s first produced ebonite balls does not disappoint at all. Using Brunswick’s proven Dynamicore technology and wrapped with Ebonites popular GSV 2.0 cover this ball gives a great strong midlane and backend motion. Drilled mine 50x5x70 and threw 779 fresh off the press. I was able to chase it left all night and the ball just finished better and better through the pins. Strong and predictable ball motion

  2. Dwayne A. Jenkins

    I was proud to get an Ebonite ball for the first time in a long time, and the Ebonite Omni had to be my first choice to drill up. The smooth motion has the feel of a Gamebreaker ball but in an asymmetric form for that extra early movement and hitting power off the backend breakpoint. You can see in the midlane that the engine of the core is already tumbling and causing a continuous effect as it rolls downlane. It does to my eyes have an angular motion, but a smooth like arc motion as well. The Omni is very versatile with the right surface adjustment and the right layout. I see a lot of Ebonite fans getting this ball, and especially league bowlers that want control on their league conditions that seem to need it on heavy oil or control the shot with the smooth roll the coverstock gives. I specifically wanted to use a layout for a smoother motion for league, so using my personal league low flare layout (75 x 1.75 x 25) on this new Ebonite Omni… and what it looks like? Impressed… YES! Ecstatic… ABSOLUTELY!

  3. Craig Miller

    Ebonite’s OMNI is the first high performance, asymmetrical ball released, since being acquired by Brunswick.

    The OMNI may look similar to the Vortex V2, but the characteristics are different. What I see is the OMNI has an earlier response in the mid lane and a lot more recovery room right. With the DynamiCore technology, you have a very noticeable increased hitting power at impact and continuation.

    The OMNI and the V2 looks like a great 1-2 punch combination, for me.

  4. Bob Newman

    Drilled up the new Ebonite Omni last week and it is very impressive. It is a big motion ball. The combination of this Asymmetric core and strong solid cover stock allow this ball to pick up very early but it stays more continuous down lane than most bowling balls in this category. A lot will pick up early, but use all allot of energy early and kind of burn out. This ball stays strong thru the pin deck. I see using this ball on any high volume oil patterns. Low rev and high speed players will be able to use this ball all the time. Nice start for Ebonite at the new plant.

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