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Ebonite Powerhouse Extract All Oil Removing Wipes


Ebonite Powerhouse Extract All Oil Removing Wipes


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Ebonite Powerhouse Extract All Oil Removing Wipes Features:

Powerhouse now introduces Extract All Wipes – the easiest way to remove excess oil from your bowling ball! The invisible enemy of your ball’s performance is the oil applied to the surface of the lane, which soaks into the porous surface of the ball and negatively affects its performance. Powerhouse Extract All Wipes use a micro-pore penetrating action that safely restores and increases oil absorption in all reactive bowling balls. These work by increasing your ball’s oil absorption which creates increased friction. That increased friction gives a better hook which leads to a better entry angle and more STRIKING POTENTIAL. You should manage your ball’s performance by cleaning every 3-6 games with an approved cleaner like Powerhouse Power Wash and wiping your ball with Powerhouse Extract All Wipes every 3-6 games to enhance and prolong your ball’s performance.

  • Resealable dispenser for easy storage means no leaks or spills
  • Travels well for tournament bowlers.
  • Made from environmentally-friendly, natural elements.
  • Plastic dispenser contains 12 (9.5″ x 5″) wipes



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