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Exclusive New Product from BowlerX – aXis Training Tool

The aXis Release Trainer allows you to do so many things at home that you could never do before. This tool was designed to provide any bowler the ability to locate their positive axis point (PAP) on their own. Any bowler who wants his /her ball drilled for maximum performance should NEVER have a ball drilled without knowing their PAP coordinates. If your ball driller does not have the ability to obtain your axis point measurements at his/her facility then this tool is a MUST. Also, if you are a ball driller who doesn’t have access to lanes where you drill, you can now accurately find your customers axis measurements with this tool. Knowing the axis allows for layouts with a purpose and better ball roll which, in turn, leads to customer trust and confidence.

This tool also provides the individual bowler the ability to practice at home like never before. Rolling a ball into the back of the couch, in the backyard or into a pillow is great but now you can not only work on your release, you can actually train yourself! This tool allows you to see you ball track because it is actually oiled with real lane oil (included). You now have the ability to work on different releases and actually see the results. In most cases, when trying to learn new techniques, what you “think” your are doing is not in reality what is really happening. With this tool you will know if it’s working or not because the proof is in your ball track.