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Get Your Ball Drilled By Our Professional Staff No Matter Where You Live

In this video JR explains our bowling ball drilling services and how we can drill your equipment efficiently and accurately every time even if you don’t live anywhere near our shop location. For people who either do not have a local pro shop (may have moved or closed) to go to or the shop in their area does poor work/has limited hours of operation, etc. We offer professional drilling services from our website to your door. offers professional drilling service on all bowling balls, a convenient service that can save you time and money. We use the most accurate milling machine available today, the Precision Ovalmatic. This is the same milling machine that has been used on the PBA Tour since 1976.


We guarantee an accurate fit every time! Our professional service is recommended for advanced bowlers who currently own their own custom fit bowling ball. Professional drilling services can cost anywhere from $50 to $70 at your local pro shop. Installation of finger inserts, thumb slugs, Turbo Switch Grips, and thumb molds are also available for custom drilled bowling balls. Choose your drilling options and we will professionally drill your new bowling ball.

Our customers can either ship us one of the current bowling balls (preferably their best fitting ball) and we will copy all measurements/pitches/etc from the ball. One step better would be to go to the bowling center and roll a shot or two and then trace out the first oil ring with a white crayon or a grease pencil so that we can get a fairly accurate PAP location. We can also make a silicone mold of the thumb so that each and every thumbhole feels exactly the same ball after ball. If there is access to a drill sheet (specs) they can simply be uploaded to us through the link on our site or they can be email to us at Once we have all specs or a ball to match we can drill the new ball from those measurements. We will then ship back (if  a copy ball is provided) the copy ball along with the new bowling ball at no additional shipping charge. From that point on, we will have a record of all drilling specs and will never require any additional drilling info from the customer.

The customer can also specify what type of reaction they are looking for out of the new ball and we can accommodate any requests.

Standard Drilling is available for those who don’t know their measurements and are only concerned with a conventional grip and basic hole sizing/span. You can see our measurement chart online here: Standard Bowling Ball Drilling Service