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Hammer Black Widow Ghost Pearl


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Aggressive Midlane and Backend


2.50 (15lb)




Gas Mask

Aggression Pearl

500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



High Performance

Hammer Black Widow Ghost Pearl

(10 customer reviews)


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Hammer Black Widow Ghost Pearl Features:

The Black Widow, Hammer’s most successful line, is back at it, this time with a polished pearl that will get a ton of attention. Pink was incredible for the Widow series and the Ghost; a gorgeous white pearl version will be the next big thing.


The Black Widow Ghost Pearl features the original Gas Mask core shape the bowling world knows and loves and is combined with a Carbon Fiber outer core for durability and power. This familiar core system is wrapped with Aggression Pearl and has a 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound finish.

Hammer recommends Tough Scrub to keep your Black Widow Ghost Pearl Performing its best!

10 reviews for Hammer Black Widow Ghost Pearl

  1. Tom Marlow

    The Black Widow Ghost is exactly what the hammer line needed to keep the black widow series alive.

    The ghost easily complements the Black Widow 2.0. The Ghost is super clean thu the front of the lane and when it picks up on the backend of the land it has tons of energy to make it back to the pocket and delivery the factory name nothing hits like a hammer. The ghost will easily be in everyone’s tournament bag and league bag.

  2. Phil Hughes

    This ball is scary good! My specs are 4 ¾ x 1, 16 mph and 325 rpm rev rate. I drilled this ball 50 x 5 1/8 x 35. First game off the press was 269. It gave me a great look in the mids, plenty of length and a strong finish. I carried flush hits as well as off hits. I am a fan!

  3. gerard

    The new Black Widow Ghost doesn’t disappoint! Featuring the gas mask core! This core has been proven over the years. My initial thought was this was going to be like the pink black widow but I was pleased to see the New Ghost was more responsive off the spot. It was very versatile and I was able to move left and still snap out the ten pin! It’s a good looking ball that delivers the punch we’ve come to expect from the widow line!!!

  4. Moe Davidson – Hammer Amateur Staff

    The Black Widow Ghost has the classic Gas Mask core wrapped in the Aggression Pearl cover… and I don’t think I can say anything less than is it a match made in heaven! This ball gets down lane with ease and has that classic black widow motion through the first 35-40 ft…. Then the pearl cover takes over, and this Ghost pops out of the pattern and cuts through the pins like a knife through warm butter.

    When I’ve needed to get left, open my angles up, and get the ball to come back from ungodly spots on the lane… This Ghost comes alive.

    This ball is more responsive downlane than what the Pink Widow was. If you want a ball that lets you open the angles and watch it charge to the pocket, without losing a ton of energy this is the ball for you!!!!!

  5. TJ Mento

    Just wrapped up my session with the Hammer Black Widow Ghost which releases on 11/19/21! This ball is exactly what I had been looking for. As a left hander with a not so high rev rate (330) I struggled to match up on longer patterns when the pattern started to break down and my solid balls were burning up. The Ghost fills that void. It’s cleaner through the front and stored the energy needed to get back to the pocket and carry as opposed to the flat seven’s I was leaving. This ball will fit in my tournament bag as well as league. It will be the perfect progression from the widow 2.0 and reminds me of the pink widow for those of you looking for a comparison.

  6. Bob Newman

    Personally I’ve always had success with the Gas Mask core and the Black Widow Ghost is no exception. This pearl covered ball just shapes well and goes through the pins well. I matched it up with my Black Widow Pink and although they are similar, they not the same. For me, the Pink picks up a little sooner and shapes in more of an arc while the Ghost continues a little longer and is a little more flippy. For me this will be a medium oil ball and should work great on most house shots

  7. Brandon Traynum

    I cannot stress how good this ball is off the spot. First set out of the gate was 720. This ball just does it downlane everytime. Scary continuous! It’s a beautiful thing to see!

  8. David Varner

    If you’re a black widow fan there isn’t a lot that needs to be said here, order it. The most common question I’ve been asked is how the ghost compares to the pink ball. I drilled mine with the same layout and the roll and ball motion is almost identical. However where I struggled a bit with deflection on the pink ball the ghost seems to get through the pins. I would say the ghost if anything is a little earlier but the continuation through the pins is what set this one apart from the pink ball for me.

  9. James Goulding

    I drilled the Black Widow Ghost 70 x 4.5″ x 35 to be a strong rolling, yet snappy asym pearl, and that’s exactly what I got. On my leagues 41 foot sport shot, it clears the heads, picks up the mid-lane just enough, and explodes on the back, with super continuation. On the typical house shot, just toss it at the gutter and watch it peel off the spot hard and fast, throwing pins everywhere. The Black Widow Ghost is a perfect complement to the Black Widow 2.0 Solid.

  10. Ray

    BWG! This ball is scary good. Length and ridiculous back end. It’s the original Black Widow Pearl on steroids. Put your favorite layout on it and watch the ball move and the pins fly. Definitely needs some oil and once it sees friction it takes off and hits like a truck.

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