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Hammer Fugitive Bowling Ball



Pearl Reactive


Mid Performance

Medium Oil



Juiced Pearl

.052 (15lb)

500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound

2.486 (15lb)




Hammer Fugitive Bowling Ball

(5 customer reviews)


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Hammer Fugitive Bowling Ball Features:

The Fugitive is Hammer’s newest mid-performance release. This delivers with a strong skid-flip motion and works excellent on broken down lanes. The Fugitive’s red and silver colors pop going down the lane, especially when it makes the turn at the breakpoint. The Fugitive features a Hammerhead favorite, Juiced Pearl, and a new low RG and high Differential symmetric core. Fugitive also has an orange core and carbon fiber outer to keep those Hammer fans happy!

5 reviews for Hammer Fugitive Bowling Ball

  1. Matthew Staninger

    This is a ball that gets down lane very easily with a more predictable shape down lane. This one will be especially good for those bowling in drier league patterns and those will lower ball speed. The colors also look great going down the lane!

  2. David Varner

    There is nothing mid-performance about this ball it puts in work. I use it on fresh medium oil conditions and at the end of a night on heavier oil. My pso drilled mine up during league so I figured I’d try it game 3 and went 299(9 pin) right out of the box and I was hooked. This ball gets down the lane with ease and don’t stop once it makes the turn. You can trust the ball and just throw it no need to force this one to do any tricks.

  3. Joseph Petrovich

    The Hammer Fugitive
    Just a bit of a WOW factor on this one. Was able to throw it a local Demo Day. The look that i had when it came off the spot was something I have seen in a while. Was able to get the ball clean through the fronts and the mids with a crazy but predictable finish through the pin deck. Crazy how good this ball leaves the pin deck. Not too many surviving pins when this ball was done. 🙂 A must for when the head and the mids dart to go.

  4. Bob moran

    Great looking ball with great performance. Really gets down lane with ease and has a Smooth predictable shape off the friction. Great go to symmetrical ball on lighter volumes or when the fronts break down

  5. Jessica

    I find this to be a very surprising and welcomed addition to the Hammer line. While this ball has been advertised as skid/flip, I find it to have a very smooth and predictable roll. It’s a great benchmark ball in my opinion, and a great choice to carry for both league bowlers and tournament bowlers alike. Perfect for medium length and medium oil conditions.

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