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Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball


Pearl Urethane


Light to Medium Oil, Short Oil Patterns

Smooth Arc


2.65 (15lb)

.015 (15lb)


Urethane Pearl

500/1000/2000 Siaair Pad



High Performance

Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball

(15 customer reviews)


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Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball Features:
Often imitated and never duplicated… this is the famous Purple Pearl Urethane, and it’s finally back in the Hammer line. Some skeptics said the original Black Widow couldn’t be duplicated, and it just happens to be one of the hottest balls on the market six months after its release. They’ll say the same thing about the Purple Pearl Urethane, and they’ll be wrong again. Hammer realizes the importance of this ball and have done extensive testing to make sure it is precisely what bowlers expect.

The core and cover materials are all the same, as is the reaction. The one difference you’ll notice is that Hammer now offers the Purple Pearl Urethane in 12 and 13 pounds as well.

15 reviews for Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball

  1. David Varner

    Hammer took their time relaunching the purple pearl to make sure it was perfect. After throwing them side by side I would say they did just that. I drilled it the same as my 16 and 19 releases and this ball gave me the same shape and hit as I had before. The only small difference I could see was this release was a couple boards stronger than my old ones but it’s also a fresh cover compared to a couple year old urethane with tons of games. If you missed your chance to own one of these in the past jump on this one and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Timothy Tripp

    When Hammer announced the re-release of the Purple Hammer everyone questioned whether it wood be as good as the first rendition. The short answer is YES!!!!!

    Hands down the best performing urethane ball on the market. The Purple gives you controlled reaction that only urethane can with hitting power unmatched by any urethane ball on the market.

    I have thrown other urethane including the original Black Hammer and Brunswick U-Motion and the hitting power of these do not remotely compare to the Purple.

  3. Tom M.

    Back by popular demand one of the best urethane balls ever made the purple hammer.
    If you had the original purple hammer you’re going to see the same motion. There is almost no difference between the two other than it might roll a little earlier.
    If you never threw the purple before, what you’re going to see is a very strong urethane ball. Best used for sport shots, tuff shots.

  4. Bob Newman

    Hammer has brought back the king of Urethane bowling balls. I threw the new Purple right along side with the old Purple Hammer and they are extremely close. The shape and hitting power are the same with the 2021 version picking up just a hair sooner. When urethane is in play you’re gonna want to have this in your arsenal. #nothinghitslikeahammer

  5. Robbie Patterson

    I drilled THE new Purple Hammer with a 55x4x35 drill. Everyone wants to know what it does compared to the OG Purple, right? Well, this ball is a little stronger, both as it reads the lane, and off the spot. I’ve throw it on house shots and on a shorter pattern for a tournament, and the ball is just best urethane ball on the market. It hits so hard, it’s so versatile, and will look great in the hand of all different types of bowlers.

  6. OD

    I picked up two of the Brunswick Stellar since I really wanted to see both the pin up and pin down reactions. I’ve found that while similar, they do have their differences. The pin down can get down lane further than a pin down solid but still has a strong movement on the backend while also being controllable. The pin up version can certainly get down the lane further than the pin down version but not as far as my Zenith Pearl but it is still controllable off the spot. For these I would say they fall in between the reactions you’d expect from the hybrid and a pearl ball, a bit more length than a normal hybrid but not as long as a normal pearl. This type of reaction has made it my benchmark ball to work off of and it has been very reliable and successful on my house conditions on league night

  7. OD

    A lot has already been said for the Purple Hammer and I can confirm all of the hype. This ball is a monster of the urethane ball. The Purple Hammer is very early and still has more continuation on the backend to help get out those corners. There is a lot of surface on this ball so it will need a few games on it to help get it downlane a bit further. Once that happens, the Purple Hammer is great for your shorter patterns but can also be effective on medium patterns with the amount of motion it can give you. If you find a time where urethane is in play, you’ll really want this in your bag to keep up with the crowd

  8. Scott Crawford

    The Purple Hammer is the standard by which all other urethane balls are judged and this new version only proves that is correct. I’m not a guy that throws urethane on house shots so this is really only for shorter sport patterns for me, but it is good. Probably 3 or 4 boards more hook than the original Purple but this hits harder than urethane has for me, and it has still got that great controllable urethane shape that lets you control the pocket without overreacting which is valuable on tougher patterns. I’m excited to throw it on even shorter patterns soon but I got the chance to test it and reviewed in on the PBA Don Carter 39 ft pattern and it looked great from multiple angles. I could play up the outside but also moved in a little bit and still looked good where previous urethane would quit on me. It has the smooth shape of urethane but continues through pins more like reactive does, so not as many flat 10 pins that come with urethane normally for me. Expect to see this on TV a ton.

  9. Michael Romero

    The Purple Ball is BACK!!!! This ball has been my go to on short sport patterns! This has allowed me to control my angles and find the pocket! It is about 2-3 boards stronger than the original in my opinion! If you are the tournament bowler, this is a must have in your bag! 

  10. Kevin Nagasawa

    What Is Not To Like About The Purple Pearl Urethane… The Newest Addition To The Hammer Bowling Line Really Is An Absolute Winner.. In Comparison To The First One That I Owned This One Has A Little More Backend Drive.. This One Gives Me A Little More Room And More Angle To The Pocket ! Its Definitely A Great Ball To Have And Will Be A Great Addition To My Arsenal Not Only For Tournaments But For League When Transition Hits… This Ball Will Help Me For The Medium To Low Oil Volume Patterns And Allows Me To Stay To The Right And Straighter Angles To The Pocket! Also Been Using This As A Spare Ball As Well Plus With The Urethane Gives Me An Extra Ball In My Bag For Tournaments When Lanes Are Really Starting To Hook A Ton Especially On Longer Tournament Formats! Make Sure To Go Visit Your Local Pro Shop Today And Order One !

  11. TQ NIMOX

    I have never seen a urethane ball hook as much as this ball does! If you want a reactive motion and a ball to flare and pickup down lane you will definitely want the new Purple Urethane! I actually love to play the track area as a 2 hander and it allows me to stay and play in the track area on tougher conditions. This urethane ball is just big and hooks a lot.

  12. Christina L.

    Stats: PAP 4 over ¾ up, 14.5 mph, 18 tilt, 275 revs. The Hammer Purple Urethane is designed for light to medium oil conditions and short patterns. This is my first urethane ball and I was not sure what to expect, but I have had the opportunity to use it a few times now and appreciate the different motion I get from it. Being an average rev player, I cannot move too far left with it, but when the shot allows for a more direct approach, you cannot beat this ball. I think lower rev players may find urethane less useful, but it could have its place on really dry lanes or with added surface. This ball will be in my tournament bag going forward.

  13. Clancy DeGroodt

    The Purple is the perfect addition to any arsenal that is looking for the control of urethane. The Purple is very controllable and hits hard when there is friction. I think this ball will perform best on shorter flatter patterns. This Ball is great for the tournament bowler!

  14. Zack

    This is the first ever Purple Hammer Urethane I have ever had in my bag, and mainly I practice or use it in tournament play. For not having a Urethane ball in the bag for over 4 years, decided I needed to fill that gap of having a urethane ball in the arsenal, and it was much needed. I drilled my Purple Hammer pin up, 4 inch pin from PAP, and keep the surface at a 500 grit to see the early ball motion and to keep the angles of the ball in front of me. I am highly impressed by this Purple Urethane, if you are looking to get a urethane ball in your arsenal, definitely go get yourself a Purple Hammer Urethane, for a Urethane, this ball hits like a truck!!! Go get yours today!!!

  15. Jesse

    Now that I have drilled both the OG purple and the new purple…….this new purple seems to be more up my alley on the fresh. I did drill this new one different, but I can tell still stands up way quicker than my OG and suits my firm ball speed better as well. Now I have 2 complementary purples I can use during a long block. You won’t be disappointed in the new purple at all!

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