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Hammer Raw Hammer Black Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Light to Medium Oil

Smooth Strong Arc


2.537 (15lb)

.038 (15lb)


Raw Hammer

Juiced Solid

500, 1500, 3000 Siaair Micro Pad



Value Performance

Hammer Raw Hammer Black Bowling Ball

(9 customer reviews)


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Hammer Raw Hammer Black Bowling Ball Features:

We’re Hammer, and we’re not going to do things like everyone else, thus, the Raw Hammer series. There are four incredible-looking and performing Raw Hammer’s to initiate this series. The difference with these balls is, we took performance and being unique into account. This series was created to enhance a Hammerhead’s bag and gives newer bowlers performance options with their first Hammer purchase.

All Raw Hammers contain the original Raw Hammer core and come in 10 through 16 pounds. The uniqueness is in the cover and finishes. The Black Raw Hammer uses a solid version of the Juiced cover and has a 3000 Siaair finish, providing more hook potential and performance at this price than any ball on the market. In addition to the solid Black Raw Hammer, there is an orange/black hybrid Raw Hammer and two fantastic-looking pearl balls, purple/pink/silver, and blue/silver/white.

9 reviews for Hammer Raw Hammer Black Bowling Ball

  1. David Varner

    Hammer raw
    Best bang for the buck release this season! The hammer raw solid will be a great step down when the lanes start to dry up. The raw is a smooth rolling ball with a predictable back end motion and good continuation. This ball will quickly earn a spot in your bag for the dryer lane conditions or when you start chasing transition.

  2. TJ Mento

    A must have in a tournament bag! Very smooth and predictable. Everything your looking for on the flatter patterns this ball give you. I found it worked off of my Obsession tour really well. Great combo of balls on the medium or flatter oil patterns. Also a great ball for the recreational bowler or house shots as well.

  3. TheHopeDiamond22

    A lot of hook for little $$. This one is GOOD! First ball out of the bag on your league night. Great on the fresh and control as they dry up. Can handle some oil. Layout 3.75X40. Tilt:12 Axis Rotation:60. Good strong mid lane read and a very strong arc like motion. Does not give up as you move in. Has very good continuation. Perfect control ball for your tournament bag.

  4. Michael Romero

    My Hammer Raw Solid is drilled 55 x 4.5 x 30 and this baby is a monster! I have yet to try this ball on a sport pattern, but this ball is now my first ball / go-to immediately on a house shot or league. I kept the surface as OOB and this ball allows me to keep my angles in front of me on a fresh house pattern! I can’t wait to try this ball with some more surface and see more versatility.

  5. Joe Goldstein, Sr.

    I am pleased to see the Raw series reappear! This Raw Hammer Black is a great piece to introduce new players to our performance and for our more experienced players, it’s a great piece to smooth out shorter and drier patterns. Definitely has a spot in my bag for when they get tricky and a bit scorched.

  6. Marcus Winklepleck

    The Raw Hammer Solid is a tremendous ball for drier lanes, or entry level bowlers. The price point is quite affordable, and you get a lot of ball for the price.

    I polished mine, to give me a better look late in the day on tough patterns. Most low end balls have a bit too much back end reaction. This ball is smoother, allowing me to control the pocket much easier.

  7. Justin Bernard

    I bought this ball thinking that I would only play straighter and to get a weaker ball reaction on the house shot and would throw it only occasionally. I was wrong. Not only is it quickly becoming my go to league ball on the house shot but its versatility is very impressive. This ball has a nice smooth lane motion with good finishing power. It definitely out performs its lower mid price.

  8. Bob Newman

    I gave this ball a 5 star not because it is the biggest hooking, most flare potential, or prettiest. It got 5 Stars because it gives exactly what it’s suppose to. It is the low end ball that is needed in every arsenal to play on burned up or low volume or short pattern shots. This ball is very smooth and does not overjump when it sees the friction. You’re not going to use this ball all the time, but when you need you’ll be glad you have it.

  9. Rusty Hahn

    Best bang for the buck on the market. Do not let the entry level price point fool you, this is the most underrated ball on the market today. Layout and surface will allow you to use this ball on a variety of conditions ranging from a medium-heavy pattern down through the lowest volumes you will see. A true must have.

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