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Hammer Redemption Solid Bowling Ball



Solid Reactive


High Performance

Medium to Heavy Oil



Aggression NE Solid

.053 (15lbs.)

360, 500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad

.015 (15lbs.)

2.498 (15lb.)

Strong Midlane and Backend Motion



Hammer Redemption Solid Bowling Ball

(6 customer reviews)


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Hammer Redemption Solid Bowling Ball Features:

The Redemption Solid screams Hammer with bold orange, black, and white colors and extremely aggressive ball motion. The Redemption Solid flat out hooks and needs a lot of oil as the cover and finish are as strong as the Hammer line has ever seen. The new Redemption core also has strong numbers for more overall hook. If that doesn’t excite you enough, the Redemption core also has DOT, which, of course, allows you to drill anywhere and makes these tough balls even tougher. Along with DOT is an orange inner core and the outer core is infused with carbon fiber.

6 reviews for Hammer Redemption Solid Bowling Ball

  1. Matthew Staninger

    There Redemption Solid was not what I was expecting – it was so much more. For as much surface as this ball had out of box, it retains energy amazingly well. This is likely the strongest asymmetrical solid piece I’ve ever thrown, and it makes an extremely good motion once it gets to the end of the pattern. This ball will be responsible for a lot of great scores!

  2. Braden

    I’m a 2 handed player with high ball speed and a high rev rate, and I completely agree with Matthew Staninger’s review. This ball is amazing. I’ve been previously throwing the Motiv Jackal Rising and I have to move 15-20 boards left to hit pocket with the Redemption. Both balls have Identical layouts and I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting the Redemption to be this strong. Definitely the strongest solid asymmetrical ball I’ve ever thrown.

  3. Michael Romero

    The New Hammer Redemption Solid is meant to HOOK!!! This ball will be best used on tournament patterns that contain a heavier volume or long patterns of oil as the 360/500/2000 finish will give you the traction and control you’ll desperately need. Although with heavy oil, this ball has great midlane read and continuation through the pins. This is a big ball and strong core that needs to be in your tournament bag! This ball will not disappoint and exceed your expectations! Visit your local pro shop today! 

  4. Bowler608

    Overall I like the ball. It is as advertised a heavy oil ball. I had better success with it on the Dragon sport pattern this past Friday then I did yesterday. (Monday) in my regular standard league house shot. I did however kind of figured that would happen. My Monday league is a little hit and miss on how much oil they lay down any given week. I could have used a different ball, but I wanted to take my lumps. My theory the best way to learn how to adjust with a new ball is to do it on a house shot that is a little hit and miss as far as total oil volume goes. My Monday league some weeks has what would be fairly heavy for house shot standards id you can find the break point to almost nothing, or what I was facing yesterday. The WTF is this ?? Pattern. ?? Everyone was having problems being consistent. Rather they were left handed, right handed 200 average or a 120 average. New ball old ball. Power tweener to stroker. Of course there will always be one or two bowlers on the pair next too you that shoots their personal best. But that’s just the way it goes especially In your regular standard leagues. I don’t let that bother me. It was all about learning how to adjust with the new ball. So I can get a better idea of when it is time to put it in the bag for the night, and switch to whatever else I have with me that Night. Usually 2 in the standard league and 3 in the sports league on Friday nights.

    Anyway I like the Redemption solid especially on a fresh longer and heavier oil volume sport pattern.

    My only complaint maybe because of the color scheme. It really shows how dirty a bowling ball can get. I think it also is like a sponge in other words it probably soaks up a lot of oil. I scrubbed it for a good 20 minutes after Friday night still looked like it ain’t been cleaned In a year.? I only have 6 games on it so far. It just looks like 600 games.?

  5. David Varner

    The redemption solid Surprised me straight out of the box. I bowl on a medium volume 46’ pattern and it allows this ball do what it was designed to do. For me this ball is slow to get rev’d up then explodes through the pins once it finds friction. If I miss left it’s enough ball to still finish at the pins and if I miss right it has no problem bouncing from the outside and getting to the pocket. I’m very pleased with this release and it’s the first ball out of my bag for heavy or long oil patters.

  6. Jessica

    This is a great solid asymmetrical bowling ball to have in your arsenal. I have found it to be more conducive to a medium/heavy oil condition or a longer pattern. Once it picks up down lane, it drives HARD through the pins. Definitely a must have in your bag for tournament bowlers!

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