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Jayhawk is an Authorized Jayhawk Bowling Retailer – Nobody sells Jayhawk Bowling products for less. FREE expedited shipping on every item. Jayhawk Bowling Supply was founded in 1960 by Chuck Hardman and initially operated out of his family garage on Louisiana Street in Lawrence Kansas. In 1961 he moved to a rented property at 803 Vermont and operated there until 1965 when he moved to 804 Massachusetts. In 1972, Jayhawk built it’s first office/warehouse at 530 Colorado. During these years, the company’s primary focus was on distributing balls, bags, shoes, trophies and expanding the proshop line. Back in 1963, Jayhawk began production of the world famous Jayhawk Measuring Ball. This measuring ball was the foundation of our proshop equipment line which soon grew to include the Jayhawk Drill Jig, Ball Spinner and High Speed Sander. Soon Jayhawk Bowling Supply became recognized as the leader in ball drilling equipment, a reputation that continues today with products like the Tri-Oval, Determinator, the Improved Jayhawk Measuing Ball and The Digital Scale.

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