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Motiv EJ Tackett VIP Limited Edition Bowling Ball


Only 3500 Produced!

Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil

Skid/Flip Reaction


2.55 (15lb)

.043 (15lb)



Infusion Pearl Reactive

5000 Grit LSP

Royal Blue/Raspberry Pearl


Mid Performance

Motiv EJ Tackett VIP Limited Edition Bowling Ball

(5 customer reviews)


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Motiv EJ Tackett VIP Limited Edition EJX Bowling Ball Features:

  • Developed alongside PBA superstar EJ Tackett, the pearl VIP is a limited-edition release for medium oil engineered to get down the lane with ease and come unglued off the backend with impressive power!
  • One of EJ Tackett’s favorite MOTIV cores for creating angle is the symmetric Quadfire, which was featured in the original Octane ball.  A MOTIV fan favorite.  The ExJ (EJ Tackett edition) VIP utilizes this proven core technology and has been given a huge upgrade with Infusion Pearl Reactive cover stock to handle the modern bowling environment.
  • Designed for medium conditions, the limited-edition VIP will dig harder in the oil than the Supra and provide more pop off the backend than the asymmetric Trident Nemesis.  This motion is made possible by combining the higher RG Quadfire core with the clean and angular Infusion Pearl Reactive shell. Tuned to a 5000 Grit LSP finish, the VIP has the proper traction needed for a fast and consistent backend response.

5 reviews for Motiv EJ Tackett VIP Limited Edition Bowling Ball

  1. Alex

    I can not emphasize enough how much everyone should pre order this ball ASAP. I was reluctant about a drilling a medium oil symmetric pearl. I am so glad I did. My only regret is not getting a case of these. I know every one uses terms like house shot killer to loosely, but this is that ball! I have averaged 243 in 5 games with this ball at 2 centers with different shots and surfaces. I usually need to knock some shine off of this type of ball but not this Gem. The VIP gives me length and midlane control with a forward rolling entry into the deck. Usually I loose reaction moving left as I am rev challenged however with this ball i can stay in my comfort zone longer. My moves are less and reaction never gets away from me.

    Do yourself a favor and find this gem and order it while you can!

  2. Clint Skees (verified owner)

    I’ve order this ball and believe in high expectations of this ball that’s going to deliver for me. Plus to donate towards the EJT fundraiser is a NO Brainer for me.. Having Lee to drill this out for me is another AWESOME part of this Ball. Can not wait. Everyone should be carrying this ball soon.

  3. Clint Skees (verified owner)

    Ok, received ball, Thursday nite while bowling men’s league! Took it out today, rolled 10 games, started on board 21 at 16.2 speed, every game after the first 1, had to move 2 boards then 3 boards and 2 eye mark ended up at 26 board for the remaining games. This ball has GREAT MID LANE read, and finishing up strong,very strong. Lee at BOWLER X drilled my ball out and WOW, he did a excellent Job(knows what he is doing,no doubts)
    Guys and Gals, you need to get 1 from bowler x before they’re gone. Going to order my 2nd one for back up! Hope you guys jump on this ball, it can be used med/heavy seriously. Rolled 3 sets all over 680 and higher, didn’t take the shine off, might have to put more polish on it. Motiv out did themselves on this special ball, one time deal.

  4. Enrique F. Colina

    EJ and Motiv designed a great one! I hope everyone gets a chance to order a ball like this because it’s a Limited Edition!

    With the Quadfire Core ANNDDD the new Infusion Pearl Reactive cover stock, they created Motiv’s strongest pearl sym.

    It’s a great benchmark ball to use for medium conditioned lanes because you can use this ball for a VERRRY long time on a house shot!!!

    Enrique (Motiv Staff)

  5. Steve

    It says you get a autographed card and a t shirt when purchase this ball on but I never got either when I got it off

    • Lee Sandt (verified owner)


      That offer was only on pre-sales of this ball. The ball video shows the original offer but the actual product description was updated immediately after the pre-sale ended back in October. We’re sorry if you felt misled.

      Sincerely, Lee/TeamX

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