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Motiv Fatal Venom Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Light to Medium Oil



2.48 (15lb)

.034 (15lb)



Infusion Pearl Reactive

5500 Grit LSP

Neon Green/Clam Shell


Mid Performance

Motiv Fatal Venom Bowling Ball

(9 customer reviews)


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Motiv Fatal Venom Bowling Ball Features:

The Motiv Fatal Venom is the latest ball to use the popular Gear symmetrical core shape, and it is paired with the Infusion Pearl coverstock that was used previously on the Supra. This veneer is a step down from stronger pearl covers in the Motiv line like the Infusion HV Pearl formula that was used on the Jackal Flash and Trident Nemesis. The Fatal Venom comes out of the box at a shiny 5500 grit polished finish, putting it firmly in the design range for medium to drier conditions.

The Fatal Venom provides a deadly combination of length with an angular strike on light-medium oil conditions. It features the latest MOTIV cover technology and the outstanding original Gear core from the Venom Shock.

The Gear core gives the Fatal Venom both low RG and low differential so it spins super-fast with minimal track flare. The result is a stable ball motion with massive energy retention.

Utilizing the latest Infusion Pearl Reactive cover, the Fatal Venom offers great length and angularity. These traction characteristics joined with the control of the Gear core provide a clean and moderately angular motion that is ideal for scoring on drier lanes.

9 reviews for Motiv Fatal Venom Bowling Ball

  1. Mike Magolan

    Reaction: The original Venom Shock is my all-time favorite ball, period. I am going to say after having this a month, this is the 2nd best Venom created. It is truly a pearl version of a Venom Shock. I wouldn’t say this is generally a ball I will start with on the fresh, but I think there might be occasions where it does happen. At the price point that the Venom line is offered at, you are always getting more than you pay for in my opinion. I definitely see it as one of MOTIVs most angular pieces, but also isn’t too clean where you feel it’s sometimes allergic to the oil. I feel in my game, it has the potential to be used in any progression, moving deeper after I get out of my ball initially used on fresh. Yes that means this ball will be used a lot for me. If you use the Venom Shock a lot, the cliche saying of a good 1-2 punch in the bag definitely applies here. The Fatal Venom is the most reliable pearl bowling ball I may have ever had.

    Comparisons: Well obviously we need to compare this to the original Venom Shock, not for the purpose of showcasing if it’s better, but the asset of being able to really have a great pearl version of a Venom Shock. The Fatal Venom in my opinion is significantly cleaner and quicker down lane than the Venom Shock Pearl. I also think the Fatal Venom is a little stronger than a Venom Shock Pearl. On the right lane conditions you may even feel the Fatal Venom is just as strong as an original Venom Shock, but there is no lying, the Venom Shock still reigns when more oil is present! There have been numerous times already where I start with the Venom Shock on fresh and am able to go to the Fatal Venom to finish a set. When the Venom Shock is reading too soon or too slow, the Fatal Venom makes for a very easy transition.

    Summary: The Venom Shock always makes the bag no matter what. Honestly there are a lot of days I have two, but the Fatal Venom is going to make the bag no matter what as well. It’s simple, if you like the Venom Shock but sometimes it’s too early or too smooth the Fatal Venom will fill that void and give you length and more response down lane.

  2. Mark Wilson

    The Fatal Venom gives a combination of length with angularity on light-medium oil conditions. It has the latest MOTIV cover technology and the original Gear core from the original Venom Shock.
    The Gear core gives the Fatal Venom a lower RG and lower differential so it is fast down lane with less track flare. The result of that is a stable ball motion with energy retention.
    The Fatal Venom uses the latest Infusion Pearl Reactive cover. Joining this with the control of the Gear core provides a clean and moderately angular ball that is ideal for scoring on drier lanes.

  3. Eric

    The Fatal Venom is the first ball to feature the Gear Core, originally found in the Venom Shock, to be wrapped in a Pearl shell. The Pearl cover that was chosen to go around this core is a new version of the Infusion Pearl reactive cover stock, like what is found on the Supra, Trident Nemesis ExJ VIP, and the Jackal Flash. When the Venom Shock has become too slow down lane, you can switch to the Fatal Venom, keep chasing the friction to the inside part of the lane and not have to worry about the ball not coming around the corner. The Gear Core proving it is still one of the best Symmetric cores on the market, and the Infusion Pearl Reactive cover also proving it doesn’t sacrifice reaction for length.

    Eric S.
    Motiv Staff

  4. Enrique Colina

    Anyone that loves the Original Venom Shock will definitely LOVE the Fatal Venom. The GEAR core with the combination of the new INFUSION Pearl Reactive cover is a successful hit!

    As a tweener, this ball has provided me with better length and ball for later on in the tournament block and especially light-medium oil House Shots.

    The finish of the ball Out the Box provided me A LOT of angular bite initially, and a little break point. However, after manipulating the cover stock with 500, 1500, 3000 grit surface pads I was able to tame the angular motion down and still keep the drive through the pocket.

    Enrique C.
    Motiv Staff

  5. D.J.

    The Perfect Pearl:

    The brand new Fatal Venom is a piece that is perfect for every bowler. Time and time again the Venom line has proven itself as a staple in a lot of bowler’s arsenal. The Fatal Venom is equipped with arguably the best pearl cover stock that has ever released in the Infusion Pearl. The dominance the Gear core has seen mixed with this incredible cover, it could be defined as thee perfect pearl benchmark ball for every bowler. I know that wherever I’m bowling and on any pattern I may see at a league or a tournament, I know the Fatal Venom could be used at any time. This core/cover combination provides me with the confidence to have a great consistent reaction and be able to be utilized at any given moment. If you want to have confidence and use one of the greatest benchmark balls ever created, the Fatal Venom is for you.

    D.J. R.
    Motiv Staff

  6. Drew Crain

    The layout I used on my Fatal Venom was 60x5x30. I have thrown this ball a ton since it arrived in the mail. When the lanes hook this ball is in play! I can throw this ball on a range of pattern lengths, sport/house shots. When comparing this ball to others in the line, for me, it provides the same amount of hook as the Venom Shock, however it is a little longer and quicker off the friction. Comparing to the Supra, the Fatal Venom is earlier than the Supra and it is also more ball overall. I have had a lot of people asking what the difference is to the Venom Shock Pearl. From what I have gathered, the Fatal Venom is about 3-4 boards stronger and provides a sharper, more angular response. I would suggest having one of these in your bag, especially when the lanes are going through transition. Also, the color combo is nice too!

    Drew C.
    Motiv Staff

  7. Jason Lettau

    I drilled my Fatal the same way as my Venom Shock (4 1/4×70) and they compliment each other quite well. When my Shock runs out of energy and doesn’t corner as well, I pull out my Fatal Venom. The ball gets through the fronts nicely with a nice smooth motion on the backend. Not only is it a stunning looking bowling ball, it’s REALLY good. Some nights I use it all 3 games in league and it does not quit. Very predictable motion. Absolutely recommend this ball!

    Jason L.
    MOTIV Staff

  8. Rob Minto (verified owner)

    Love this piece.
    Got it quick and customer service was great.
    Throw it out to the dry and you get a nice reaction.
    Also when the lanes break down you cab just adjust your line and find thr ball to be controlled.

    Very satisfied!

  9. Anthony Evans

    The Fatal Venom is absolutely the pearl Venom the world has been waiting for. Bringing back the long lasting Gear core that started so many years ago with the Venom Strike and pairing it with the absolutely stunning performance of the Infusion Pearl coverstock first released on the Supra, we are given possibly the best, and in my opinion, the best pearl Venom the world has ever seen. The Gear core provides ample stability in the oil while clean and extremely fast response Infusion Pearl lets the ball float through the front of the lane and respond violently to friction downlane. This is easily the fastest response to friction I have ever seen out of a Venom. In comparison to the Supra, each of them will be able to cover a very significant amount of boards due to the highly responsive Infusion Pearl cover, but the Fatal Venom will be more balanced and rounder overall than the Supra as the Supra will be a bit cleaner are more angular through the pins overall. The Fatal Venom will be my ball out of the bag when I need a clean and responsive shape, but something a bit earlier than the Supra. If you have not picked up a Fatal Venom yet, do yourself a favor and get one, you will not regret it!

    Anthony E.- MOTIV Staff Member

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