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Motiv Mythic Jackal Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane Read and Very Strong Back End Motion


2.47 (15lb)

.054 (15lb)

.015 (15lb)


Predator V2

Infusion HV 2:1 Hybrid Reactive

5000 Grit Laser Scan Polished



High Performance

Motiv Mythic Jackal Bowling Ball

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Motiv Mythic Jackal Bowling Ball Features:

Meet the Mythic Jackal, a new kind of hybrid.  Motiv’s engineering goal with this ball was to create as much angle as possible while still providing true heavy oil performance attributes.  So often, shiny asyms are only ideal for moderate conditions so Motiv set out to create a different kind of animal.  Now, when high volume patterns begin to transition and you need to create angle, the Mythic Jackal with 2:1 hybrid technology delivers exactly what you need.

The Predator V2 is the gold standard for high performance core design and it’s at the center of the Mythic Jackal.  It’s the same core found in the Jackal Ghost, the longest running asymmetrical bowling ball in the industry, now celebrating a 5-year anniversary!  This low RG / high differential asymmetric core has never before been combined with a hybrid cover stock on a worldwide Jackal release.  The Mythic is the first.

The Mythic Jackal is also the first to feature Infusion HV 2:1 Hybrid Reactive cover technology. This means the shell features twice as much pearl as solid cover material.  This enables it to create incredible angle down lane without completely sacrificing traction.  The 33% load of solid cover gives the Mythic Jackal a strong footprint on the lane in heavy oil while the 67% load of pearl yields a powerful backend motion.

When To Use:

  • Speed Dominant Bowlers: Bowlers with speed that overwhelms their rev rate will love that the Mythic Jackal allows them an angular ball option to use early in the block.  For speed dominant bowlers, pearls are often too clean and many hybrids are designed for higher friction environments.  The Mythic Jackal is a true heavy oil ball that speed dominant bowlers will be able to use to see down lane motion before the lanes have been broken down.
  • Balanced Bowlers:  For balanced bowlers, having a pearl asymmetric designed for oil is important.  Sometimes, moving into the oil with the “crankers” is advantageous, but without a stable core and stronger cover, the balanced bowlers and tweeners just seem to get overpowered.  The Mythic Jackal is designed for that early transition when bowlers start to use steeper angles, but there is still a decent concentration of oil on the lane.
  • Rev Dominant Bowlers:  Those with lower ball speed or higher rev rates will love being able to shape the Mythic Jackal from the start.  For those unable to use smoother rolling balls designed for oil like the Jackal Legacy, Jackal Ghost, or Trident Odyssey, the added length of the Mythic Jackal will provide that much needed length out of the gate.  Rev Dominant bowlers in high friction or moderate volume environments may use the Mythic Jackal as their fresh oil ball.

5 reviews for Motiv Mythic Jackal Bowling Ball

  1. Mark Wilson

    The Mythic Jackal is the newest ball added to the very popular Jackal line.   It has the new strong Infusion HV 2:1 Hybrid Reactive cover and brings back the popular Predator V2 core. The Mythic Jackal creates a lot of down lane hook and is great on fresh and when the lanes start to transition. Designed for heavy oil conditions, the Mythic Jackal is a great piece to add for anyone looking for that versatile hybrid high end piece. This piece is great when a Jackal Ghost isn’t enough ball down lane and need something thats going to save energy in the front part of the lane and be faster response option down lane.

  2. DJ R

    The new Mythic Jackal is a new addition into the Jackal line that provides bowlers with something we haven’t seen. The 2 part Pearl, one part solid hybrid cover has allowed us to see a Pearl jackal, dig into the oil but maintain enough energy down lane to not be super rolly or have a mid-lane reaction. As someone with a low-medium rev rate, the Mythic gives me a new reaction on longer oil patterns because I don’t have to worry about the ball not fighting through the oil and when a Jackal Ghost hooks too much or is too early, the Mythic gives me the down lane motion I need. Get yours today!

    Motiv Staffer- DJ R.

  3. Eric George

    Best polished Jackal to date. First Motiv polished ball that I didn’t have to adjust the surface on ever. Whatever the hybrid combination it is spot on, the Mythic gets though carry down like nothing I have thrown in 5 years. A lot can be said about a ball that a player can count on to turn the corner every time. Just enough midlane to get the ball started and the Hybrid cover keeps the ball continuing. Definitely something special.

  4. Anthony Evans

    I personally didn’t match up that well with the Jackal Flash and the Golden Jackal due to my ball roll, rev rate, and ball speed, but the Mythic Jackal took everything good about both of those balls and combined it into one. The Flash was a bit too clean and fast for my liking and the Golden handled oil well but was too slow off the spot. The Mythic sits directly between the two balls perfectly with just as much response to friction as the Flash and more ability to recover downlane, but handles oil amazingly! I am able to open up the lane with the Mythic so much sooner than I used to be able to and allows me to get into my favorite part of the lane. It’s a perfect complement to the Jackal Ghost and Jackal Legacy as it clears the fronts better but still retains that amazing Jackal shape downlane. It also works extremely well with balls like the Ripcord Velocity and Iron Forge as it gives me a perfect idea of when to switch to those balls. This is easily the best shiny Jackal Motiv has ever made and it goes everywhere with me!

    Anthony E.
    MOTIV Staff

  5. Jason Lettau

    What can I say about this ball? It’s amazing! The versatility on the Mythic Jackal is something special! It’s the first of its kind being a Hybrid cover on a Predator V2 Core. The Mythic Jackal gets down the lane with ease with strong backend motion wherever I play on the lane. Definitely a must have!

    Jason L.
    MOTIV Staff

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