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Motiv Pride Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium Oil

Excellent Control with Predictable Backend Motion


2.50 (15lb)

.042 (15lb)

.010 (15lb)



Coercion UCS Solid Reactive

4000 Grit LSS



High Performance

Motiv Pride Bowling Ball

(9 customer reviews)


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Motiv Pride Bowling Ball Features:

Maximum versatility. Devastating continuation. The Pride from MOTIV is the ultimate benchmark ball. With a brand-new core and cover stock, it is unique from anything currently available from MOTIV and fits perfectly into the middle of the ball guide.

The new technology at the heart of the Pride is the Dominion core. It has specifications that place it between the Gear APG and the asymmetrical cores seen in the Trident and Jackal series. These unique asymmetric specifications leverage the physics of the Dominion core so the Pride can be used on moderate volumes of oil and higher friction than the typical asymmetric bowling ball.

Additionally, now that weight holes are illegal in competition, the asymmetric Dominion core will enable players to control ball motion more than most symmetric cores. MOTIV Tour Rep, Brett Spangler, said, “What’s so cool about this core to me is that I never felt like I was throwing an asym. I get the versatility of the asymmetrical core, but the Pride never wanted to go too forward down lane or glue up too much in the front. To have the versatility of an asym without some of the traditional drawbacks is incredible.”

The Dominion core is encased with the latest reactive Coercion cover stock from MOTIV called UCS – Ultimate Continuation Solid.  It was created by providing more length and more angle to the existing Coercion MXC cover technology. This new UCS Reactive cover stock is the most versatile Coercion shell to date and complements the unique specifications of the Dominion core perfectly

Speed Dominant Bowlers

Bowlers with higher speed or lower rev rates benefit greatly from asymmetrical cores.  Providing versatility in drilling and the ability to limit the skid phase for bowlers who struggle to get the ball to slow down is a massive plus.

Balanced Bowlers

For balanced bowlers this is the centerpiece to their arsenal.  The Pride is the first ball out of the bag and the one used most often.  The controllable core and cover combination allows balanced bowlers to use the Pride on a variety of surfaces and concentrations of oil.  The easily tuned Coercion UCS Cover can also be shined or scuffed to allow an even broader window for balanced bowlers to use the Pride.

Rev Dominant Bowlers

For many rev dominant bowlers, asymmetrical balls are too strong to use on house shots and moderate oil patterns.  A lower differential and cleaner cover than most asymmetrical solids allows rev dominant bowlers to have an asym in their bag that they can use on many more patterns and higher friction surfaces.

9 reviews for Motiv Pride Bowling Ball

  1. D.J.

    The new combination of the Dominion core mixed with the Coercion UCS Solid Reactive cover stock creates a very predictable, strong motion that truly shows by the continuation this ball provides. As someone who has a lower rev rate, the extra strength this ball provides as a benchmark piece, is exactly what I love to see. I have full confidence that on fresh medium patterns and league patterns, the Pride will give me the predictability/Benchmark reaction and the absolute strength going through this pins that make it a necessity for everyone to have in their bag. Get yours today.

  2. Kye Shipley

    The new MOTIV PRIDE is going to set the mark for the benchmark ball. This ball has a new core with the DOMINION core and coverstock with the COERCION UCS SOLID. (UCS- Ultimate Continuation Solid). For me, the middle of the chart balls or benchmark balls have not suited my game well, but let me tell you this ball has changed my mind in that area. I drilled this ball 65 x 5 x 45. The drilling gives me some length through the pattern, but still comes of the end of the pattern with energy and continuation through the pocket. The ball looks amazing going down lane with the colors. This ball has been stronger than what I anticipated it to be, but it will also be a great step down from the Jackal Legacy when the lanes start to transition on sport shots. During league play, you will be able to use this ball start to finish. I have enjoyed throwing this ball on sport conditions and on house shots. This ball is going to be in my bag for a while.

    KYE S.


    Motiv hit a real home run with this ball. The all new dominion asymmetric core, and the coercion UCS solid cover gives you everything you could want in a benchmark asym. The key word is “continuous”. This is the most versatile ball I’ve ever thrown. Strikes from any angle, from playing the crack outside, to lofting the gutter standing in front of the ball return. The name of this ball says it all, this is DEFINITELY a ball Motiv should be PROUD of. The colors allow it to stand out, and if you don’t have one, you’re at a disadvantage. It is good for league bowlers, and for tournament bowlers, on a wide variety of conditions. Go pre-order yours today!

  4. Jason Lettau

    I drilled up my PRIDE with a slightly stronger layout than normal (60x5x30) and pretty much instantly fell in love. The roll this ball has is extremely predictable! Not only does it look extremely good rolling down the lane, the motion it has is super good. It lane shined pretty quick on me and became a little too much off the spot causing 4 and 9 pins, so I took it down to 2000 grit to smooth it out. Ever since I dulled it ever so slightly, it has become a monster on the THS I bowl on. This piece is definitely a gap that we needed to fill for a long time. Go out there and get you one! (or maybe two)

    Jason L.
    MOTIV Staff

  5. Eric George

    The Pride is a different shape than what I have seen from the company in the past, late midlane revs with moderate continuation. Out of the box at 4000 the ball is very clean (drilled 65-5 3/8”-35) but when scuffed with a used 2000 pad it was closer to a benchmark type of reaction. I drilled a second 45-4 ¾”-75 to try and slow down the reaction time to get that “benchmark” motion I am desperately looking for, it helped but still not what I feel is a “benchmark” ball. I have played with different grit on the Cover but unable to get that super smooth controllable look without it going forward and being super responsive to friction. I truly enjoy the shape of the Pride and it has a place in my tournament bag. It’s a strong ball and being asymmetrical with moderate response to friction it’s a little touchy on patterns with very little tapper front to back. I feel the Pride is much stronger than advertised, mine is stronger than the Ghost, and Horizon when compared to other Asymmetrical pieces. I say that because it has a faster response to friction and forces me a little farther left than I would like to be on the fresh. With all that being said, after getting over pre conceived notions, I can’t put the ball down and is one of my favorites in Motiv’s current lineup.

    Motiv Staff

  6. Anthony M Evans

    When we were informed of the Pride, we were told that it would be a new, mid-level benchmark ball. I was a little unsure at first based on the core numbers since it is asymmetric. I was COMPLETELY proved wrong. The Pride is of the utmost benchmark shapes. Controllable, smooth, continuous, and all of the words that are synonymous with the idea of a benchmark ball. To have a ball that for me, bridges the gap perfectly between balls like the Venom Shock and Venom Recoil, to the Jackal Ghost, Trident Horizon, and Forge Flare. This is a ball I have wanted for quite a while and I definitely think any player could use this piece in their bag.

    Layout: 50x5x70
    MOTIV Staffer

  7. K. Matthew Byrd (Motiv Staffer)

    Hand: Right-Handed
    Ball Weight: 15 lbs.
    Rev Rate: 500 RPM
    Ball Speed: 18 Mph
    Tilt: 10
    Rotation: 45
    PAP: 5.125” over and .125” up
    Layout: 40 x 5 3/8 x 20 (Dual Angle)
    This ball with this layout for me gets down lane while reading the mids and still giving me a ton of energy while entering the pin deck. I typically have issues with Asyms reading the lanes to early and not having any energy down the lane. That is not the case with this ball. The Pride is very smooth and very predictable. The Pride is a stronger benchmark piece that allows you to play all parts of the lane.

  8. Michael M. Piano (verified owner)

    This and my Brunswick Knock Out are both my benchmark. I know when the KO starts hooking early it’s time for the Pride.

    The Pride is a steady arc with more length downlane.

    The KO is a split personality, it’s the only solid I’ve experienced that can have a sharp, pearl reaction when it hits the dry. It also can be a smooth transition upon hitting the backend.

  9. Mark Wilson

    The new Motiv Pride does everything you’d want with a benchmark ball. It’s very versatile and has amazing continuation. The Pride has brand new core(Dominion core) and cover stock. This Pride was designed to be the perfect benchmark piece and it’s exactly that!  Unique from anything currently in the Motiv line. The Pride fits right into the medium oil/smooth position of the ball guide. I can see this ball being used on a lot of various oil patterns.

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