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Motiv Trident Odyssey Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Excellent Control with Strong Backend Reaction


2.49 (15lb)

.054 (15lb)

.017 (15lb)



Coercion FYS Solid Reactive

2000 Grit LSS

Navy/Blue/Red Solid


High Performance

Motiv Trident Odyssey Bowling Ball

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Motiv Trident Odyssey Bowling Ball Features:

You need strength for the Odyssey ahead.  The Trident Odyssey is the latest addition to the Trident product line, this time with a more aggressive cover and the return of a past favorite core.  Designed for control in medium-heavy to heavy oil conditions, the Trident Odyssey is a necessary addition to the bag of any bowlers encountering higher volumes of oil because it combines the brand new Coercion FYS (Full Yield Solid) coverstock with the fast spinning, high flare potential Turbulent core.

The Trident Odyssey marks the return of the Turbulent core used in the original Trident.  For the purpose of this ball, a lower rg core performed the best.  The Trident Odyssey is designed for control in heavier concentrations in oil, which is ideal for the low rg and high differential of the asymmetrical Turbulent core.

The Coercion coverstock system is a proven leader in combating high volumes of oil while still providing control to the bowler.  As oil patterns continue to increase in volume, slight changes are made to adjust.  The Trident Odyssey features the most recent tweak to the Coercion coverstock system, with the introduction of Coercion FYS (Full Yield Solid).  The uniqueness of the Coercion FYS cover is that it creates vast amounts of hook for the bowler without reading so early that it loses down lane continuation.  The most difficult aspect of making solid coverstocks for heavy oil is finding the balance exhibited in this ball of maximum hook without giving away down lane motion.

When to Use:

Speed Dominant

Bowlers with exceptional ball speed or lower rev rates are normally identified as speed dominant.  For these players, the Trident Odyssey will serve as a fantastic benchmark ball.  The control the Odyssey offers is second to none and the strength of the cover should allow this to be a speed dominant player’s first ball out of the bag.

Balanced Bowlers

For bowlers whose rev-rate and ball speed match, the Trident Odyssey should be used on heavier volumes of oil and longer oil patterns at the beginning of competition.  Balanced bowlers will see an easy progression from the Trident Odyssey to the Pride, then the Venom Shock as illustrated on the Motiv ball guide.  For balanced bowlers, the Pride is a benchmark ball; the Trident Odyssey has a stronger version of the Pride coverstock with a more aggressive core.  The Motiv product line is designed for these easy transitions from one ball to the next and the Trident Odyssey is no exception.

Rev Dominant

Bowlers with exceptionally low speed or high rev rates will likely seldom need a ball stronger than the Trident Odyssey.  Rev dominant players can use the Trident Odyssey on fresh, high volume, low friction, and long oil patterns without any concern that their ball may skid past the breakpoint.  The benefit of using the Trident Odyssey first out of the bag for rev dominant players is that its ability to continue shaping down lane allows for these players to stay in their fresh oil ball longer and use it from multiple angles.

5 reviews for Motiv Trident Odyssey Bowling Ball

  1. Scott Boyle

    What to say about the all new Trident Odyssey.
    Very seldom is a ball an instant favorite. The all new Trident Odyssey is definitely one of the favorites!
    I drilled mine 70X4.5X25. I find this ball to be extremely unique and a great comparison to the Alpha Jackal.
    First off, for an Asymmetrical it is relatively clean. The Turbulent core allows the ball to greatly rev up in the front part of the lane while the Coercion FYS Solid Reactive cover allows the ball to store its energy and have plenty of downlane reaction without the ball “burning” up in the front part of the lane. I compared this ball to the Alpha Jackal as they both have the same coverstock but different cores. The Alpha jackal for myself a lefty with a 375-400 rev rate, Pap is 3 7/8, 7/8 up, the Alpha would be over under at times. The Odyssey has taken away that and been a huge staple in my arsenal. I highly recommend this ball to any style bowler. Left handed or right handed the Odyssey will not disappoint!

  2. Jason Lettau

    I drilled my Trident Odyssey 40x5x30 and have been extremely impressed with the motion on this ball. It definitely reminds me of my Alpha Jackal, something smooth and really consistent hook wise. The Odyssey is definitely a zone stronger than my Pride. It hooks quite a bit but it never burns up! Definitely going to be a staple in the bag if I need something consistent and strong!

    Jason L.
    MOTIV Staff

  3. Anthony Evans

    Little Brother to the Ghost!
    The Trident Odyssey was a pleasant surprise to have as a release. Going back to the lower RG and overall higher Diff Turbulent core was a fantastic choice. It creates a separate shape from the Trident Horizon while being a great complement to it as well as the Ghost. For me, at 60×5.5×30, I felt that my Ghost was a little earlier, rounder, and more hook overall than the Odyssey, while the Horizon with the much higher RG and much lower Diff than the Ghost or the Odyssey, would lope down the lane and accelerate much harder off of friction. I personally did not throw the Horizon much as my Rev rate and ball roll match more with the lower RG pieces in the line and I do not need the extra shape that the Horizon provides. Overall, the Odyssey was a fantastic addition to the line as it provides more asymmetric options without creating too much overlap amongst each piece in the line.

    Anthony E.
    MOTIV Staff

  4. Mark Wilson

    The Trident Odyssey is the newest ball added to the Trident line.   It had a strong cover and brings back the popular Turbulent core. The Trident Odyssey creates a lot of hook without giving away down lane motion. Designed to control the pocket in medium-heavy oil conditions, the Trident Odyssey is a great piece to add to anyone look for that controllable high end piece. This piece is great when a Jackal Ghost isn’t enough ball in the front of the lane and need something smoother for the back part of the lane.

  5. Eric George

    The Trident Odyssey is the second strongest ball in the Motiv lineup just behind the Jackal Legacy. The biggest benefit of this ball is that unlike the Legacy a player can chase the pattern left longer due to the above average continuation of the Odyssey. The Odyssey Is the first ball out of my bag on higher volume patterns because it always seems to roll true with great feedback on what the pattern and lane surface is doing that particular day.

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