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Genesis Pure Surface 800 Grit Blue Sanding Pad


Genesis Pure Surface 800 Grit Blue Sanding Pad


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Genesis Pure Surface 800 Grit Sanding Pad – 1 Blue Pad Features:

The ultimate in ball surface adjustment technology, Pure Surface pads feature a revolutionary patented cloth backing laminated to flexible foam. This allows for superior transpiration of the material, which helps extend the life span of the pad and achieves an even finish quality that is beyond compare. It also improves the anti-clogging properties, helps keep the working temperature down and allows for increased dust suction for a cleaner working environment.

  • Color coded for quick grit identification
  • Easily adjust the surface finish of your ball
  • Achieves an even finish quality
  • Soft and flexible
  • Anti-clogging, easy to keep clean
  • Won’t heat up like traditional surfacing pads
  • Extended working life span
  • Works on all ball types

6″ Discs are available in 500, 800, 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k or 5k grits


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