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Pin Placement Options

Pin Placement Choices:

This is the distance between the pin (small colored circle on ball that marks the top of the weight block) and the Center of Gravity (CG).

In some cases the ball you are purchasing may not show all of the options below. If you desire a certain pin placement and it is not listed, simply make a notation in the “Order Notes” area on the checkout page. We will search our warehouses to find a match for you and contact you if we cannot find a match. We will not ship you a ball that does not meet your requirements.

No Selection: We will send you a ball that has a pin to CG distance between 2” and 4”, which will allow your ball driller many quality options.

1-2”: For pin down drillings to achieve an early and smooth roll.

2-3”: For just about any layout. The ball driller can achieve many different desired ball reactions with this pin distance.

3-4”: For layouts where added length is desired. Also good for bowlers that have longer hand spans.

4-5”: For extremely long hand spans and very specific layout options.