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Radical Maximum Results Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane with Very Continuous Backend Motion


2.494 (15lb.)

 .050 (15lb.)

 .030 (15lbs.)


DynamiCore Aymmetrical

TS-1 Solid

500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad



High Performance

Radical Maximum Results Bowling Ball

(11 customer reviews)


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Radical Maximum Results Bowling Ball Features:

The Maximum Results features a modified, stronger version of the original Results core; Radical has increased the total diff as well as the intermediate diff and lowered the RG. The result is a stronger mid-lane big hooking motion. The modified core is wrapped with the superior
performance TS-1 cover stock.

The Maximum Results is one of the biggest hooking balls Radical has ever produced. Their goal was to create maximum hook but still have the Radical backend reaction, and the Maximum Results is right on that performance target. Oh, and by the way, it is black with the TS-1 additive and DynamiCore. Good looking and outstanding performance. The RG is 2.49, the total diff is a strong .050, and the intermediate diff is a very high .030, all this amount to lots of total hook and lots of continuation.

11 reviews for Radical Maximum Results Bowling Ball

  1. Bob N.

    The Radical Maximum Results is a flare and hook monster. This is a big solid covered ball with an asymmetric core. Bowling balls in this category tend to hook early. As lanes transition and you move left this type of ball tends to burn up early and lose hitting power. In my opinion, when I moved left, this ball was able to stay in play longer than your average big ball. It continues to flare and continue through the rack.

  2. Clancy D.

    The Maximum Results is a STRONG Asymmetric! I drilled mine 40×4.25×70 for the smooth early predictable roll that a pind down layout normally offers me. The Maximum Results did not disappoint there is a lot of strong roll in this ball. I found on the THS I was able to get in the oil and wheel it to the dry down lane and it would recover nicely. When I missed the spot down lane the ball still recovered enough to strike. This is my favorite of all the Results line. Get yours today!

  3. Scott C.

    Absolutely and completely impressed with the Radical Maximum Results. A ball this strong and with this much surface is supposed to burn up early on a house shot and be lazy down lane. Well, that is just not the case with this one! The Maximum for me is probably 4 to 5 boards stronger than the original pearl Results and a couple feet earlier and a more rounded shape which is no surprise for a solid. It was surprisingly usable on a house condition when I thought it would be exclusively for sports shots and heavier volume. I do think it will shine even more on heavier volume because this textured solid cover has some serious teeth at box finish of 500/1500 with the textured sparkles coming out. One of my favorite asymmetric cores (that is modified to be stronger on this one from previous Results) that just seems to hit and carry better. This could be the best of the Results bunch so far. Drilled mine 50 x 3.75 x 25 and seems very strong and predictable.

  4. TQ N.

    A must have for tournaments Sport or house shot! Ball shows to be big down lane and very smooth thru the midlane! It has more bite off the pattern of sport shots and has enough length for House! I would say 5 boards stronger than my OG results! This ball is just amazing

  5. James G.

    Radical Maximum Results Review

    I drilled the Radical Maximum Results to be a replacement for the legendary Radical Conspiracy, and it fits perfectly! Drilled 60 x 3.5” x 70, this ball handles heavier volumes of oil while giving you aggressive mid-lane read and traction to get through the pins when you need it. The motion is aggressive and continuous, a perfect ball to handle most, heavier volume oil patterns, especially sport patterns! A slight step below the Results Solid, but a step up from the Results+, this one is a must have for any serious league or tournament bowler. This ball is available tomorrow at Moore’s Pro Shop, and pro shops everywhere.

    Join the Radical Revolution today!

  6. Christina L.

    The Maximum Results is designed to be the first ball out of your bag for heavier oil conditions. I drilled this ball 45×4.25×25 and have been using it successfully on medium oil typical house shots by opening my angles up. Compared to the Results Solid, I find the Maximum Results to be a little earlier and quite a bit quicker off the spot. I was really surprised by the backend motion of this ball, as it takes off nicely once it hits the friction. Sometimes for me solids can be a little slower off the spot than is ideal for the house shots I bowl on. Not this ball. I felt very comfortable moving left, and I was further left on a fresh house shot than I can ever recall being with any other ball. I also think it would be a great option for speed-dominant and lower-rev bowlers, especially with an earlier rolling layout.

  7. C.Miller

    The Maximum Results is a big asymmetrical ball that features the DynamiCore technology. It was designed to have a stronger mid-lane hooking motion with strong continuation.

    I found the Maximum Results to be just that. On your fresh THS, I started with tighter angles and the ball picked up the mids and retained that strong continuation. After one game, I opened my angles, got a little softer with the hand, and the ball truly lived up to it’s name.I saw a stronger mid-lane read, a bigger hook motion, and maximum continuation.Resulting in more striking power.

  8. Robbie Patterson

    I drilled my Radical Maximum Results last week. The ball hasn’t left my hand much since. Knowing the ball would be hook monster I put a 55×5.25×45 drilling on it. I was hoping it would give the ball a little pop off the end of the patterns, but would still be able to work through the oil of a heavy pattern or house shot. What I wanted is exactly what I got. This ball is absolutely perfect for that house shot that gets cliffed early, as it will eat through oil, but will also provide some backend action. It also looked great on the 44ft Tokyo pattern I bowled on recently. Trust me, adding this too your bag is a must. I’m a higher rev player about 460-480, but this ball will be excellent for many types of bowlers without a doubt.

  9. Cody G

    The Maximum Results is as advertised. It is 3 and 1 stronger than my original Results. Both have same layout and surface for the comparison. The Maximum was also a bit more continuous through the pins. The Maximum is my favorite Results since the original. I will be using it alot on the fresh. I highly recommend this ball

  10. Billy Netzhammer

    Out of the box, this ball was a hook monster. The layout that I put on the ball was 30*x 5 1/2″ x 20*. I bowl in a lot of high friction bowling centers and this ball was bit too much for those surfaces with the out-of-box finish of 1500. I took the surface up to 3000 and wow, did this ball come alive on the backend. It was much cleaner through the front part of the lane than I expected. Overall, I am going to use this ball ton when I run into heavy oil situations.

  11. Robert Way

    Maximum Results

    I’m a left handed bowler with a ball speed around 14.0 mph. My Rev rate is around 280 rpms. I recently punched up this ball. My choice of layout is 40 x 4 1/4 x 75. With layout you can really see this ball hook in the mids. And go into its roll phase. If your looking for a ball that will hook in heavy oil. Well then you need to try this ball out. It needs oil. It’s a great addition to the Radical bowling technologies line.

    Robert W.

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