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Radical Results Bowling Ball



Pearl Reactive


High Performance

Medium to Heavy Oil

Red / Gold Pearl

DynamiCore Aymmetrical

TP-1 (Textured Pearl 1)

 .044 (15lb.)

500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound

 .027 (15lbs.)

2.517 (15lb.)

Good Length and Very Strong Backend Motion



Radical Results Bowling Ball

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Radical Results Bowling Ball Features:

The new Radical Results introduces a brand new core design that provides a medium RG of 2.517″, a medium differential of 0.044″, and a very high intermediate differential of 0.027″. This new core is paired with the TP-1 coverstock, which is a textured pearl formulation that is finished with 1000 SiaAir and Crown Factory Compound. This new technology pairing gives lower rev rate players a gigantic move at the breakpoint, helping them create large amounts of entry angle for their rev rates.

The Results features newly developed core technology whereby Radical was able to increase the intermediate differential and lower the total differential to create a more dramatic motion off the spot but still maintain the continuation and shape that has made Radical the industries technology leader. Radical has done this without the need for any trick drillings or extra holes. The Results also uses the popular hard-hitting DynamiCore and is wrapped in the exciting new TP-1 (Textured Pearl 1) cover featured on the hot-selling Conspiracy Theory, so it’s strong enough for heavier volumes yet tunable for moderate conditions.

Studies showed that the increased intermediate differential in the Results creates a more dramatic change of direction. Even more, than you have seen from previous Radical balls, but most importantly is the Results continues through the pins resulting in greater pin carry. Mastering the higher intermediate and lower total differential has allowed Radical to create a more dramatic ball motion, one that even has them wondering how they did that. #RadicalRevolution. The attractive red and gold pearl cover adds the finishing touches to the Results, making it a performance masterpiece.


5 reviews for Radical Results Bowling Ball

  1. Christopher

    The most angular ball radical has ever made! The first of many to come in this line, I can’t wait to throw this more and more. When I need to get left and circle the lane, this is my go to piece. The results are in. This is a must have in your bag! Grab yours March 5th from the best place prop shop on the internet!

  2. Bob moran

    The Results features a newly developed core that was able to increase the intermediate diff and the total diff to create a more dramatic motion off the spot but still maintain the continuation and shape that has made Radical the industries technology leader. Using the TP1 cover this ball lives up to name of just producing results. When I get left I have no doubts this ball will get back to the pocket and continue all the way thru the pins

  3. Jeremy Milito

    Radical has a winner with this ball! The science and technology behind this ball resulted in the most length and back end in any Brunswick ball I have ever drilled. This ball comes back from all parts of the lane, and hits insanely hard. The Results responds well to multiple surfaces changes. The Results is a great ball for a league bowler, or a tournament player. It belongs in everyone’s bag!

  4. Jim (verified owner)

    Easily the hardest hitting ball I’ve ever thrown if I dare say it almost hits too hard. YOU NEED this BALL

  5. James Goulding III

    Radical Results Review

    Stats: Speed – 17.0; RPM – 335; AT – 20; AR – 65
    Layout: 35 x 4.5” x 55 (no x-hole)

    The Radical Results is a breakthrough in core technology. It features our TP-1 textured pearl cover, and newly developed core technology whereby they were able to increase the intermediate differential and lower the total differential to create a more dramatic motion off the spot but still maintain the continuation and shape that has made Radical the industries technology leader. I chose the layout I did to get the ball to roll forward a little later, and transition a bit slower to really utilize that longer, stronger roll phase of ball motion. I have used it on a couple of different patterns and here is my assessment:

    42 ft. THS (typical house shot): The Results has been a very strong ball for the house shot in two centers I frequent. What I love about this ball is that it chews through the oil, makes a defined move off the spot, but is still predictable enough to control from shot to shot. The one thing to avoid with the Results is to get it into the friction too early, as this strong pearl asymmetrical ball will roar from out there and won’t quit, and you could be looking at trouble. But, that aside, this ball is awesome. Very versatile to cover changes, I took mine from box finish, down to 1000 and back up to 3000 polished, and it responds to all of those very well. If you are seeing too much early hook, take the cover up to 4000, too much length, just sand it to 1000 or even 500, it takes to those changes extremely well! Do not be afraid to adjust the surface to your game, this ball can handle it!

    39 ft. Don Carter pattern: I just rolled on this pattern a few weeks ago, and the Results was the best ball in my bag on the fresh. This pattern has been modified to have slightly less volume in the middle, so projection and speed control are key, and the Results at 2000 was the perfect matchup. It rolled forward perfectly and hit heavy through the pins, carrying the off pocket hits extremely well. As the night progressed, I was able to move further inside and roll the ball off my hand, and it saw the friction consistently, making my moves easier and more trustworthy, resulting in higher scores and more confidence in the ball.

    If you are looking for that “never-before-seen” ball reaction from a high end asymmetric, chews through the oil like the big solids but the strong finish of high end pearls, look no further than the Results. Available now from Moore’s Pro Shop, and pro shops everywhere! Thank you for taking the time to read my review, and join the Radical Revolution today!

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