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Radical The Spy Bowling Ball




Dry Lanes/Low Volumes/Spare Shooting

Maximum Length with Moderate Downlane Motion


2.513 (15lb.)

 .053 (15lb.)

 .017 (15lbs.)


DynamiCore Aymmetrical

Textured Polyester

500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound / Crown Factory Polish



Mid Performance

Radical The Spy Bowling Ball

(4 customer reviews)


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Radical The Spy Bowling Ball Features:

The Spy is a perfect fit in the Radical lineup. Radical took the Incognito core’s great performance and wrapped it in a textured polyester cover, creating a ball that has the length desired from polyester with a little extra kick down lane from the asymmetrical Incognito core. The Spy features a medium RG 2.51 with a strong diff of .053 and a medium intermediate diff of .017. Wrapped in the great-looking textured polyester cover, The Spy is not only eye-catching but has the added performance to make it a sure winner.

4 reviews for Radical The Spy Bowling Ball

  1. Clancy D.

    The Spy is as advertised. It is a spare ball with a little punch. I drilled mine 50x 3 3/4×25 This layout gave me about 6.5’ of track flare. I was able to play in the dry in the out of box condition and it hooks and hits with the authority of an asymmetrical. I sanded it to 1000 grit and I needed to move in a bit and it still hit. I intend to use this ball to practice with. It will force me to make quality shots in order to have it hit. It will refine my focus.

  2. Christina L.

    Bowler Stats: PAP 4 over 3/4 up, 18 degrees tilt, 275 revs, 14.5 mph

    The Spy is designed for very light oil conditions and is the perfect choice to ball down to if your Counter Attacks are hooking too much or to start with if you know you will be on a light oil pattern. I drilled mine 45×4.25×30. If you are a low-speed player and dealing with dry lanes and everything is hooking too much, this would be a great addition as it will not be jumpy on the backend like even the least hooking pearl ball can be, and it will still give you plenty of length through the fronts. Higher rev players will have no problem making this ball move on a fresh house shot, whereas I did need to add some surface to get what movement I did. This a great ball to add to your arsenal if you are looking to keep your angles closed on dry lanes or to an extent, a fresh light-medium pattern depending on your rev rate.

  3. Tom M.

    The spy is a very good dry lanes ball. It has a plastic cover stock, with the incognito core, add dynamic core and you have a plastic ball that on hooks down lane and has the hitting power of a truck.
    If you bowl on dry lanes or a burned up shot grab this ball and move left you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Jesse Hawkins

    Def a piece that can go very straight in the oil and has some pop when they are very dry. This ball is very simple and is exactly what someone may need depending on their rev rate, speed, and center they bowl in. Highly recommended.

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