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11 Pound Bowling Balls

Bowling is one activity that checks an assortment of boxes. Whether bowling is a hobby, a sport, or a form of family therapy for you, provides a comprehensive catalog of products for every bowler. Come to us for the 11-pound bowling balls, wrist braces, microfiber towels, or the perfect fitting pair of shoes, and we will completely outfit and supply you for your perfect game.

11 Pound Bowling BallsWhile bowling has existed for millennia, standardized, modern versions of the game have only been around for a century. During this time, even as the rules have remained largely the same, the equipment, specifically the bowling ball itself, has evolved with technology, design, and specs that improve the game for the individual bowler. At this point in the game, it pays to have your own ball. is the perfect place to find this bowling ball, as well as any other bowling related merchandise. We have a strong rating for our provision of informed and courteous customer service, and we’re authorized to deal in all the best brands, of which we have a large inventory to satisfy all needs.

Bowling Ball Needs Change as Skills Progress

Building the basic foundation of bowling should be first and come with a plastic/polyester bowling ball. This type of ball allows you to throw straight, with no hook to complicate learning to throw. We suggest that you throw with this method until you score in the 140-170 range all the time. When the time to learn to hook comes, you’ll need to pair that skill with a new bowling ball.

Hooking the ball requires a bowling ball with hook potential. One with a urethane coverstock provides medium hook potential, so it balances the extremes of zero to aggressive hook potential.

Once you’ve become comfortable with your hook form, you can choose to move on to a reactive resin coverstock. Reactive resin coverstocks are either solid, pearl, or hybrid, and they encourage hook potential.

Another bowling ball element that influences hook potential is the core of the bowling ball. The core promotes or minimizes momentum. A symmetrical bowling ball has less hook potential, and an asymmetrical bowling ball core increases hook potential.

The Variety of Modern Bowling Ball Choices

The hundreds of bowling ball choices can be confusing to the modern bowler. can fit all budgets and design preferences as well as bowling skill levels. The dimensions of choice you have extend to the following:

  • Color
  • Graphic design
  • Coverstock
  • Core type
  • Weight
  • Price point

If you’re confused about the right bowling ball for you, why not give us a call? Our team is staffed with bowling ball experts. They know how to explain the differences among the products and help you determine which is best for your skills, planned lane conditions, and budget.

Customize Your Ball

All of the bowling balls we sell at can be personalized. You choose the weight of the ball, the measurements for your finger drilling, and your grip options. With a new ball, you can further perfect your game and keep your passion for bowling growing.

Whether you’re looking for 11 pound bowling balls, 6 ball rolling bags, or wrist stabilizers, come to Our entire catalog is filled with high quality, low priced bowling merchandise ready to meet your demands as a bowler. To place an order or for help while shopping, reach out online or call us at (844) 269-5379.