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15 Pound Bowling Balls

The very best pro bowlers use 15 pound bowling balls. Shouldn’t you? Come to for the highest quality bowling merchandise, customer service, and counsel during purchase decisions.

15 Pound Bowling BallsWhen began doing business in 2008, our motivation was the love of bowling. That passion continues to be the driving force behind the online bowling superstore we’ve come to be. We support every transaction with free shipping, hassle free returns, and no hidden fees. We provide the best quality brands at the lowest possible prices.

The range of bowling merchandise we carry is broad. Our inventory holds equipment for use by all bowlers – from novice to expert level. Whether you need a bowling ball, a bag to carry it, or any other equipment to improve your score, come to

Hit Hard with a Heavy Ball

The sport of bowling is both an art and a science. In decades past, bowlers assumed that a heavy bowling ball was a must, but modern technology allows bowlers to hit hard with lighter balls. With a reactive ball, bowlers can trade in the difficult-to-maneuver 16-pound bowling ball for an easier-on-the-joints 15-pound bowling ball.

Being able to choose a 15-pound bowling ball rather than the maximum weight of a 16 pounder enables bowlers to consistently perform. Whether you’re a professional bowler enduring tournament play, a regular on the bowling league circuit, or simply reaching middle age and feeling it, the lighter weight will allow you to maintain top performance.

The transition between lighter and heavier bowling balls should depend on the ball you personally throw better, your pain threshold, and your capacity for comfortable bowling. Consider visiting your local pro shop to have the benefit of a coach who can watch your throw to determine the bowling ball you typically use is too heavy, too light, or in the Goldilock’s weight category for you. hosts our own pro shop at Town & Country Lanes in Bethlehem, PA, where we also provide coaching services.

Bowling Ball Qualities to Consider

Bowling ball weight isn’t the only quality you’ll need to consider. The coverstock material and core style are also critical elements to determine.

Coverstocks for bowling balls come in three different types of materials including plastic/polyester, urethane, and reactive resin. Plastic bowling balls are basic. Beginners usually choose these balls because they lack hook potential and throw straight. Once form is perfected, bowlers level up to urethane bowling balls to begin learning to throw hooks. Truly committed bowlers will then move on to reactive resin balls in either solid, pearl, or hybrid form. They have the highest hook potential, as well as the highest price tag.

Bowling balls have cores of two styles. The core is the central portion of the bowling ball and is either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Aggressive hook potential increases as the asymmetry of the bowling ball increases.

If you’re searching for the best 15-pound bowling balls on the market, you’ve found them. provides a wide range of brands including Brunswick, Storm, Columbia, DV8, Hammer, Ebonite, Radical, 900 Global, Lord Field, Roto Grip, and more. Call us at (844) 269-5379 or reach out online for more information about the process of choosing the perfect bowling ball for you as an individual, and watch those scores rise.