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16 Pound Bowling Balls

Those in the market for 16 pound bowling balls of the highest quality should look to for affordable, first-rate merchandise. We throw in free shipping, a wide-ranging inventory, and no-questions-asked returns in the mix as well.

The One-Stop Bowling Shop

16 Pound Bowling, known for the best customer service and products in the bowling industry, is family-owned and operated, and we have been since 2008. We also have a physical location in Town & Country Lanes of Bethlehem, PA where we provide coaching services.

The Lure of Maxed Out Bowling Ball Weight

Heavier bowling balls have a reputation of doing more damage at the lanes. The heaviest a bowling ball can legally be is 16 pounds, so many bowlers automatically choose this weight without truly considering whether that is the best choice.

When bowlers mistakenly assume 16 pound bowling balls are the best weight, they make the choice either from a misplaced sense of machismo or a notion that they’ll automatically improve their scores by maxing out on bowling ball weight. Both of these assumptions pose harm to the bowler’s physical self and bowling score.

In truth, the effect of the one pound difference in weight does affect play. If weight were the only relevant factor, one would always choose the heaviest ball, but it’s not.

Being able to hold, swing, and hurl a 16-pound bowling ball over and over is crucial to choosing this weight of a ball. If you can’t, using a 16-pound ball will just cause injury. By going down a pound or two, you could greatly increase your score and maximize your stamina.

Determining the Right Weight

Being of a certain age or a certain size doesn’t indicate the precise weight of a bowling ball a person needs. In theory, you should choose the heaviest weight that is comfortable for you to throw repeatedly and regularly. Keep in mind that throwing one game well won’t help much in tournament play if you find yourself unable to complete the series.

Most adults choose between 13 and 16 pounds for their bowling balls, depending on strength, injury, frame, etc. Bowlers shouldn’t be embarrassed to use a bowling ball that weighs less than 16 pounds. Protect your body from injury if you want to keep bowling without having to sit on the sidelines due to injury.

Methods to Use

If you’re trying to determine which ball you should use, you can employ a few of the measures commonly touted. One of these is that you should get a ball equal to 10% of your body weight, with 16 pounds being the max. However, this “rule” isn’t hard and fast. When throwing the prescribed ball, if it causes fatigue or pain after a few frames, go lighter. If you can play all night with the ball without any difficulty, consider going up a pound.

Another method of choosing ball weight is to add two pounds to the weight of the bowling ball you use at the bowling lanes. The house balls have standard finer holes, so one with custom drilled finger holes will facilitate a more comfortable grip that makes the additional weight possible.

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