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Best Bowling Ball for Hook

Bowlers who take their games seriously look for any advantage they can find, including the best type of bowling ball for an effective hook. Find the answers to this query and more with the friendly staff of We’re bowlers who love the game and want to spread that passion throughout the globe – starting with you!

Perfecting the Hook

Best Bowling Ball for HookCoaching is likely the most effective tool for improving the hook. The proper technique is best learned from the masters. We offer USBC Certified Silver Level coaching at our pro-shop at Town & Country Lanes in Bethlehem, PA, but in the meantime, the choice of ball will have a definite effect on your hooking results.

The benefits of finding the right ball for your hook are many. Right off the bat, simply having your own personal ball will allow you to perfect your hook relying on consistent ball characteristics with every throw. Practice makes perfect, and repeating accurate throw and release every time requires practice, practice, practice. offers a range of bowling balls for all budgets and levels of bowling interest. The right ball for you will depend on your bowling goals, but you definitely want to choose a ball that contributes to a better hold on the lane. On our website, we offer a helpful 1-20 ranking label to give you an ideal of the ability of each ball to improve your hook.

Hook Rankings

Below we offer a few examples of the helpful ratings offers for its bowling balls.

  • Roto Grip Idol Synergy Bowling Ball – Ranked 16 on a (1-20) scale
  • Radical Results Plus Bowling Ball – Ranked 17 on a (1-20) scale
  • 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball – Ranked 15 on a (1-20) scale
  • Motiv Forge Flare Bowling Ball – Ranked 16 on a (1-20) scale
  • Motiv Jackal Legacy Bowling Ball – Ranked 18 on a (1-20) scale
  • Brunswick Knock Out Bowling Ball – Ranked 16 on a (1-20) scale
  • Roto Grip Rubicon Bowling Ball – Ranked 16 on a (1-20) scale
  • Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball – Ranked 16 on a (1-20) scale
  • Radical Bonus Pearl Bowling Ball – Ranked 14 on a (1-20) scale
  • Columbia 300 Command Bowling Ball – Ranked 17 on a (1-20) scale
  • Motiv Fatal Venom Bowling Ball – Ranked 14 on a (1-20) scale

Having the ball fit your hold well is another factor that contributes to an improved hooking technique. At, we provide options. You can choose from a range of standardized size measurements for fingers or request customized drilling for a perfect fit. We even offer drilling insurance to make sure you don’t regret the decision., widely considered the online bowling superstore,” provides bowlers of all experience levels a source for authorized, branded bowling goods of all sorts. In addition to a ball worthy of the pros, you’ll find free shipping and low prices for the 2,000+ items in our catalog.

The best bowling ball for perfecting your hook is readily found here at Take into account our hook rating, a comfortable weight for your throw and release, and the best finger size for your grip. The bowling lovers here will be willing to do everything possible to ensure that the ball you choose is most appropriate. For help with ordering, or even with a question of the bowling tip variety, reach out to our friendly staff by calling 844.269.5379.