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Bowling Gloves

Bowling gloves give you an incredible amount of control over your ball. Not only do they improve lift, they also improve the curve of the ball as you complete your swing. BowlerX has a glove that will provide a perfect fit, and help you improve your game in the process. We carry gloves from Brunswick, Storm, Ebonite and other manufacturers that are the best – and most trusted – in the business.

Is a Bowling Glove Right for Your Game?

Bowling GlovesIf you watch professional bowling on television, you may occasionally notice a pro wearing a bowling glove on his or her throwing hand. We typically associate gloves with other sports – such as golf, baseball or football. But bowling gloves provide a lot of benefits as well.

One of the biggest reasons to consider wearing a glove is protection. When you bowl a lot, that creates a lot of friction. A glove can help prevent the painful blisters that many avid bowlers have to deal with on a regular basis.

Different manufacturers have different ways of manufacturing gloves, of course. However, many of the ones we carry at BowlerX leave openings for the thumb and two middle fingers. You get the protection of a glove without having to sacrifice your feel for the ball.

Our gloves are comfortable, and come with elastic straps on the wrist to keep the glove from slipping when you throw. Non-slip grips help you control how the ball rolls, while also offering greater control – for example, you’ll be able to put more of a spin on the ball so that it can provide the hook you need to get more strikes.

Also, like everything else we sell at BowlerX, our gloves are affordable and made from the highest quality materials. You won’t have to worry about durability issues, and you’ll be amazed at how comfortable they feel. No matter what size your hands may be, we’ll have a glove that fits you perfectly.

How to Find the Best Bowling Glove for Your Needs

There are a lot of options when it comes to bowling gloves. Most people will be fine with just about any type of glove they find, but others might need a specific type of glove. For example, there are gloves for bowlers who are suffering from arthritis, as well as gloves with built-in wrist support for people who may have suffered a previous wrist injury.

Here’s a quick look at some of the considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a bowling glove.

  • Design – Some bowlers like a glove that offers thumb protection, while others don’t. Try one of each and see what works best for your particular game.
  • Material – The most commonly used materials are nylon and leather. Nylon is more flexible, but leather is more durable. Neoprene is another popular material, and it’s very sturdy.
  • Comfort – The comfort of a glove is, of course, important. It should be able to “breathe,” so to speak, so that your hand doesn’t sweat and be a distraction. One of our representatives can answer any questions you may have regarding gloves that provide protection as well as a secure grip.

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