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Bowling Tape

A lot of bowlers find that bowling tape is an indispensable tool to help their game. Have you ever noticed that you tend to play a lot better as you get further along in the game? When your fingers swell up a little bit, do your scores get higher? If that applies to you, bowling tape might help you stay more consistent. BowlerX has an ample supply of bowling tape, as well as thousands of other items that can keep you bowling at your best.

Bowling Tape – The Basics

Bowling TapeBowlers first started using tape in order to protect them from blisters and scrapes that developed when they bowled several games in a row. However, they soon learned that it can help fill the holes in a bowling ball, providing a much more secure grip. When your fingers fit snugly, you’ll be at less of a risk of bad shots.

Bowling tape actually creates “artificial finger swelling,” if you will. It creates the perfect fit that promotes more accurate shots.

Reasons You Need Bowling Tape

Regardless of the size of your hand, bowling tape can help you in ways you might not have imagined possible. It’s not at all hard to use bowling tape, but there is a right way to do it. Here’s how.

  • Take a grease pen, make a mark on the thumb and fingers that will go into the holes, then grip the ball naturally. Rub your fingers and thumb up and down inside each hole. This will transfer the grease to the hole, and you’ll easily be able to see where to apply the tape.
  • Next, start at the bottom corner of the paper backing of the tape and peel upward. Attach the top portion of the tape to a screwdriver. This will easily help you place the tape exactly on the mark left by the grease pen.
  • Place the tape about a quarter of an inch below the opening of each hole. This will ensure the tape doesn’t come out during a shot. Make sure it completely covers the grease pen mark. Keep it centered so that it won’t slip.
  • Once the tape is in, slide your thumb and fingers into the holes to make sure they’re snug – but not tight. Once you get the right fit, you’re ready to roll. If it’s still a little loose, place another piece of tape in the same spot.

Don’t worry about it if you don’t place the tape exactly right the first time. It might take a little bit of practice, but you’ll eventually get it right. You can also add or remove tape during a game if needed – by that time, you’ll know how to do it so well it will be second nature.

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Whether you’re looking for bowling tape, a new ball, a new pair of shoes, a new shirt or nearly anything else that has to do with this incredible game, BowlerX is ready to help. We’ve been in business for more than a decade, and we carry more than 2,000 items in stock. There are some cases where we might run out of something because it’s so popular. If that ever happens, we can usually still get your item to you in one to three days. If you’d like more information, contact us online or call 844-269-5379.