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Buy Bowling Ball Spinners Online

If you’re a bowling ball owner, you need to consider the benefits of bowling ball spinners and the convenience of being able to buy one online at Serious bowlers that bowl frequently greatly benefit from being able to clean, polish, and resurface their bowling balls independent of a pro shop.

What Is a Bowling Ball Spinner?

Buy Bowling Ball Spinners OnlineIf you’ve ever taken a bowling ball in to have a professional cleaning or resurfacing done and been able to watch the process, you understand what a ball spinner does. If not, a bowling ball spinner does exactly what the name suggests. It spins the ball.

As a bowling ball spins, applying sanding materials, cleaner, and polish in a more even fashion becomes possible. Consistent pressure is not possible without the use of a spinner, making one indispensable to a serious bowler. When you bowl frequently, you might not have the time to take your bowling balls in for regular cleaning. Having a spinner on-hand, you’ll be able to keep your tools of the sport in tip-top condition. Don’t underestimate the money and time you’ll save without the frequent visits for bowling ball care.

Bowling balls rely on the integrity of the coverstock to consistently perform well.

Every time you send your bowling ball down the lane, it collects oil and dirt. These substances hinder the momentum and direction of your throw. This phenomenon explains why you should towel off your ball during play. However, toweling doesn’t prevent all buildup.

Regular cleaning of your ball with emulsifying cleaner will remove much of the oil, but after every fifty or so games, your bowling ball’s coverstock will need to be resurfaced with fine grit sanding and polishing. A bowling ball spinner is indispensable to this process.

When you care for your bowling ball regularly, your scores will reflect positively on your efforts.

Not only is the perfect source for your spinner, but we also have a plethora of cleansers and polishes as well. If you’re not sure what to buy, don’t worry. Our team has a ton of knowledge about bowling balls as well as appropriate care for them.

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Our bowling bona fides are real. Since 2010, our family-owned business has consistently helped bowlers find the right products to improve their games. Owned by Lee Sandt, a serious bowler in his own right, reflects the intent to honor bowling and its participants. Sandt is a PBA member, a USBC Certified Instructor, and a Kegel Certified Pro Shop Operator with connections to Brunswick Bowling Corp.

Whether you need a bowling ball or spinners to keep it clean, buy all of your bowling-related products online at or by calling us at your convenience: (844)269-5379.