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Rescue the Game if the Electronic Scorekeeper Fails

Picture it: The Bowling Alley. The handy, trusted digital scorekeeper has failed, leaving bowling night to a tragic end. Be the hero by putting your skills as an accurate scorekeeper to use. Read on to learn how!

Keeping score in a game of bowling is fairly simple. If you know basic math, you can handle the job. The bowling lanes should have a printed hard copy of a score sheet available, or you can draw one out yourself in a pinch.

Terms to Know:

  • Strike refers to taking out all pins on the first roll of a frame; indicated with an X in the small box.
  • Spare refers to dropping the last of the pins on the second roll; indicated with a / in the small box.
  • Mark refers to filling out the frame with a strike or a spare.
  • Open refers to a frame where some pins remain standing.
  • Double refers to two consecutive strikes.
  • Turkey refers to three consecutive strikes
  • Four-bagger or hambone refers to four consecutive strikes.
  • Bagger refers to more than three consecutive strikes; the number of strikes precedes it.
  • Frame indicates the rounds of play as well as the place for score keeping (10/game).
  • Gutter ball refers to a throw that results with the ball rolling in the gutter on either side of the lane.
  • Miss refers to a frame where no pins fall; indicated with a minus (-) sign.
  • Foul refers to an occasion when a bowler steps over the foul line and forfeits the turn; marked with an F.
  • Split occurs when the pins have a space between them after the first roll of a frame; marked with an O.

The Simple Calculations

Play begins with the first of ten frames. When a bowler takes his or her turn during each frame, the following is possible:

  1. The bowler could stride beyond the foul line. Boom! The score is zero.
  2. The bowler who bowls a strike receives 10 points plus the score achieved with the next two balls.
  3. The bowler who bowls a spare receives 10 points plus the next ball.
  4. If the bowler leaves an open frame (pins still up), the bowler earns one point for each pin grounded in the current frame.
  5. The bowler could miss the pins entirely, earning a miss and a score of 0.

With these simple pieces of knowledge, you should be able to track the score, rescue bowling night, and earn the space of scorekeeper and date night hero.

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