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Buy MLB Bowling Balls Online

Are you equal parts avid bowler and baseball fanatic? Do you know someone who is?

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Roll with Your Major League Fandom Displayed

If you have two loves in your life – bowling and your fave MLB team – and you want to display both, consider the MLB team balls in stock at

You can choose among all 32 franchises in whatever weight range best suits your game.

The design is ingenious, with the red stitching markings of a baseball and the logos of the team displayed on each side.

The MLB bowling balls have a plastic coverstock and a symmetrical core, so they’re best used in dry to light oil conditions and have at best a slight hook. They’re terrific for casual bowling or to pull out for full effect when achieving a spare.

Secrets to Bowling Well

Bowling is a game that requires skill, knowledge, and practice. It all begins with holding the ball correctly to prepare for a good approach and throw.

The Three Most Common Grips

  • Bowlers usually begin with the conventional grip since it provides maximum ball control. This hold involves the thumb sliding all the way into the hole with the middle and ring finger secured to the position that seems most natural. As you learn to bowl, this position will help you develop accuracy, but it will prevent hook development.
  • The fingertip grip is the next logical step for bowlers after they’ve learned to throw conventionally. This grip requires that the thumb be fully inserted, but the middle and ring fingers stop at the first knuckle. This hold requires more strength and is a tad more difficult to control, but it does increase hook, lift, and spin.
  • The last of the three most common grips is the semi-fingertip grip. The middle and ring fingers go in up to the midpoint between the first and second knuckle so that you’ll have a tighter hold with hook potential, combining the conventional and fingertip grips. Bowlers really should master the first two grips before learning this one.

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