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Buy Radical Bowling Balls Online

Bring advanced innovations to your bowling game when you buy Radical bowling balls online from No matter your level of bowling prowess, you’ll find the perfect tool for your game.

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Introduction to Radical Bowling

If you’re looking for bowling ball innovation, consider Radical Bowling. Since 2010, the company started by Phil Cardinale and Mo Pinel has elevated the bowling scores of customers with ideal bowling balls to match their skills and preferences.

Bowling Balls for Beginners

Throwing a straight, predictable roll is the first skill bowlers need to learn. The best bowling ball for this purpose is usually one with a plastic/polyester coverstock. Since they don’t produce friction on the lane, they continue in the direction thrown, so you will be able to perfect your form before moving on to learning a hook. Once you move on to more advanced balls, keep the Radical Spare, Radical “Astro-Nuts” or Radical “The Spy” ball that you purchase as a beginner to pick up the spare during games when one pin remains.

Bowling Balls for Intermediate Bowlers

A bowling ball with a urethane coverstock is ideal for introducing hook potential to one’s bowling repertoire. Be sure that the bowling ball you buy is the best weight for you. If it’s too light or too heavy, your throw will suffer, and you could injure yourself.

Bowling Balls for Experienced Bowlers

Experienced bowlers should use reactive resin bowling balls. Available as solid, pearl, or hybrid reactive resin coverstocks, these types of bowling balls provide a great deal of friction on bowling lanes. They work well in oiled conditions and offer impressive hook potential.

The Core Matters Too

A bowling ball will have an inner core that creates movement down the lane. These cores are either pancake, symmetrical, or asymmetrical. A pancake core is best for inexperienced bowlers because of the predictability of the throw. Experienced bowlers may use either core depending on the situation.

Maintenance Requirements for Your Bowling Ball Purchase

Once you’ve invested in the perfect bowling ball, you’ll need to take care of it. The porosity of coverstocks speeds absorption of oil, so you’ll need to wipe the ball after each throw and clean your ball’s surface with ball cleaner after each game. Every fifty games or so, we suggest that you have the surface refinished.

The Radical Bowling balls you’ll find online at are available to buy at the lowest prices and in top condition. Whether you’d like help with customizations or feature options, give us a call at (844) 269-5379 or reach out to our team online.