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Buy Swag Bowling Balls Online

Bring innovation and appealing design to the lanes when you buy Swag bowling balls online from We are the premier source for bowling balls, shoes, and every other bowling-related accessory, all in prime condition and rock bottom prices.

Buy Swag Bowling Balls OnlineKnown as the first-rate online bowling superstore, offers excellent customer service, free shipping, and hassle-free returns. Our mission is to spread the love of bowling – one customer at a time.

About the Swag Bowling Line

The Swag line of bowling products is an extension of California Bowling and is one of the most recent to be approved by both the USBC and PBA. Swag bowling balls meet the needs of today’s bowler with power and design. These bowling balls are the first to offer a coverstock that resists odors and bacteria.

Features to Consider When Planning a Bowling Ball Purchase

The bowling ball that you purchase can have a significant effect on your game, and just as with any other aspect of life, you shouldn’t choose based upon appearances alone. The best one for you, as a bowler, will depend upon your own individual preferences and characteristics.

You might just find the process a bit easier if you follow the sequence of decisions as described below.

Identify the Best Bowling Ball Weight for You

The primary decision you need to make concerning the bowling ball for you is the weight. The perfect Goldilocks weight will be neither too heavy nor too light. A ball that is too heavy will cause injury, pain, and even decreased performance, but a too light ball will not have the maximum hitting power possible.

Experts suggest either applying the standard of one pound of bowling ball per ten pounds of body weight up to the maximum sixteen pounder. Others suggest adding two pounds to the house ball that you usually use. The customized finger holes allow for a more comfortable hold that can easily accommodate the additional weight. To ensure that the bowling ball weight you choose is appropriate, hold out your arms and have someone hand you the bowling ball. This method will help you determine that the ball isn’t too heavy.

Match the Coverstock to Your Level of Expertise

While the coverstock for your bowling ball is the outer shell, it supplies much more than appearance. offers customizations, but you should begin with the most appropriate coverstock material from the following options:

  • Plastic/polyester (no friction)
  • Urethane (friction for late or early hook)
  • Reactive resin (solid, pearl, or hybrid)

Apply Core to Your Preferred Momentum

The inner core of your bowling ball will have an impact on how the ball travels down the lane. Consider the following core types:

  • Pancake cores – best for beginners, controllable, straight and smooth
  • Symmetrical cores – intermediate, balanced roll
  • Asymmetrical cores – advanced, unpredictable, angular motion

Custom Drill Your Ball

Once you’ve purchased your bowling ball, have it custom drilled. offers this service during the ordering process; simply enter the measurements when placing your order.

To buy Swag bowling balls online, navigate to, where you’ll find a host of branded bowling goods at low prices and with remarkable quality. If you find yourself in need of a knowledgeable bowling expert, give us a call at (844) 269-5379.