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Buy Ten Pin Bowling Ball

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Ten Pin Bowling 101

If you are new to bowling, it is important that you understand the basic concept behind the game. Ten pin bowling requires you to knock down 10 pins that are located at the end of a wooden lane. The more pins you knock down, the higher your score.

There are three finger holes drilled into your ball. If you choose the house balls, these holes will not fit your hand exactly the way they should. This is why you will want to purchase your own ball if you are going to be serious about the game. This is also why you might want to consider having two separate balls for different purposes.

Having a Spare Ball

Anyone who is devoted to the game will have at least two, if not more, bowling balls. Some bowlers have one or more strike balls and one spare ball. The strike ball is the main ball they use on their first throw. It will be fairly asymmetrical to ensure the ball hooks well enough in an attempt to knock all ten pins down on the first try.

However, when the strike doesn’t happen, these bowlers will resort to their spare ball. Spare balls are usually made of a polyester (or plastic) coverstock. These balls are more precise because they are more symmetrical and will therefore hook less when you throw them. This gives you the ability to accurately throw them in a straight line towards whatever pin has been left standing.

Bowling leaves very little room for error. You only get two chances in each frame to knock all ten pins down. So, being able to knock down your spares can save you when you fail to get a strike. And, since there are so many great options for spare balls, you will be able to express yourself via color and pattern. Just make sure you buy a spare that weighs the same as your strike ball. If you don’t, you will have to readjust your throw to make up for the speed difference in relation to the ball’s weight.

If you are looking to buy a personal ten pin bowling ball, but are a little skittish about the pricing, we have some great balls on sale right now.

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