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Buying a Bowling Ball Tips is proud to be top-rated as the online bowling superstore, and we offer tips for buying a bowling ball that will function well for your needs.

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We are passionate about the sport of bowling and have endeavored, since our founding in 2008, to share the love of the sport.

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Tip #1 – Know Your Ideal Bowling Ball Weight

Calculating the best bowling ball weight for you isn’t difficult. Add two pounds to the weight of the ball you usually choose at the bowling lanes; that’s your ideal bowling ball weight. Light balls allow for a precise throw, but heavy balls knock down the most pins.

Children generally need a ball that weighs ten pounds or less; adolescents require a ball that weighs between eleven and fourteen pounds; seniors and adult women are best suited to balls that weigh between twelve and fourteen pounds, and adult men usually choose bowling balls that weigh fifteen or sixteen pounds.

Tip #2 – Choose the Coverstock to Match Your Skill Level

The coverstock of a bowling ball is its outer shell. Coverstock options include plastic/polyester, urethane, or reactive resin. Bowlers who are new to the sport will start with a plastic/polyester bowling ball, and advanced bowlers will keep one available for picking up spares. Next, bowlers will move to urethane coverstocks because they add hook potential to your bowling game. Once you have mastered the sport, you’ll choose among solid, pearl, and hybrid reactive resin coverstocks for great hook potential and grip of the bowling lane.

Tip #3 – Consider Which Core Is Most Appropriate for Your Bowling Ball Choice

Bowling ball cores come in either symmetrical or asymmetrical designs. Greater asymmetry produces more hook. Advanced bowlers can harness this aggression for incredible score results.

Tip #4 – Choose the Brand That Speaks to You makes it easy to browse different bowling brands and choose the one that speaks to your personality and bowling style. Are you a traditionalist, a wild card, a tech lover, or a showboat?

Tip #5 – Have Your Bowling Ball Professionally Drilled

When buying your bowling ball from, take advantage of our customized drilling options. If you’re unsure of the precise measurements, head into your local pro shop where they can calibrate your finger and span size accurately. You’ll be amazed by the comfort and confidence that a correctly drilled ball will bring to your bowling game.

Tip #6 – Care for Your Bowling Ball

Once you have the perfect ball for your form, style, and personality, take care of it! We offer an ample supply of various cleansers and polishes for your use, and you’ll need to resurface high performance balls occasionally. The more care you provide for your bowling ball, the better care your score will reflect. provides a plethora of options when you’re out to buy a bowling ball, and the tips that our team can provide are priceless. For additional guidance or to place orders, use our online mechanisms or give us a call today at (844) 269-5379.