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Closeout Bowling Balls Online

Do you think having your own personal bowling ball is out of range for your budget? Think again, and consider the closeout bowling balls we offer online at

Closeout Bowling Balls OnlineAs the online bowling superstore, we provide 24/7 hour shopping, helpful customer support, free shipping, low prices, and hassle-free returns. Whether you choose the latest bowling ball from your favorite brand or one of our closeout balls, you can bet that the merchandise is a first-run without blemish or imperfection.

In addition to bowling balls, we also provide attire, shoes, towels, and any other supply or accessory you might need to add to your bowling bag (which we also sell).

Our physical location in Bethlehem, PA, includes a pro shop within Town & Country Lanes. We’re a family owned business, led by Lee Sandt, our founder and a PBA member, who pushes us daily to do our part to spread the love of bowling.

Consider Closeout Bowling Balls

The term closeout often taints merchandise negatively. If it’s marked down and gone unsold, it likely has some defect, right? Well, not really. Plenty of excellent bowling balls go unpurchased and get marked down in anticipation of the newer releases.

For instance, consider the following sample of a few closeout balls available at

  • DV8 Polyester Just Black Bowling Ball – With a polyester coverstock and a hook potential of 1/20, this value ball is perfect for beginners learning to throw straight. Once bowlers graduate to a mid or high performance ball, this one can serve as a ball for shooting the spare.
  • Track Paradox Red Bowling Ball – This ball has a solid reactive coverstock and an asymmetrical core for a 17/20 hook potential and high performance in heavy oil conditions.
  • Track Proof Bowling Ball – For a mid performance bowler, the solid reactive coverstock, asymmetrical core, 17/20 hook potential, and strong midlane performance on medium to heavy oil conditions make this bowl a great option.
  • Storm Parallax Bowling Ball – Another high performance bowling ball, this one has a hybrid reactive coverstock, an asymmetrical core, and 18/20 hook potential. This ball is best used in medium-heavy to heavy oil lane conditions.
  • Radical Zing Hybrid Bowling Ball – This bowling ball has a hybrid reactive coverstock and an asymmetrical core that creates an 18/20 hook potential for high performance in medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

Clearly, closeout conditions does not mean the bowling ball options are any less quality. They’re simply a season older.

Understanding the Lingo

If you’re new to the game, picking up on the lingo can take some time. One term that you’ll hear bandied about is “full roller.” Most experienced bowlers know this term, but since you see this type of roll much less frequently now, many new bowlers simply haven’t become familiar with the term.

Full rollers throw so as to roll the ball completely so that the whole circumference of the ball touches the lane. Modern bowlers typically don’t bowl this way. Instead, the ball covers a space that’s off center, covering ¾ of the circumference, actually lessening the trip down the lane.

As you perfect your bowling vocabulary, lane approach, throw, and style, do so with your own bowling ball. makes this economically feasible by offering closeout bowling balls online or by calling  (844) 269-5379.