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Closeout Bowling Balls

If your interest in bowling is just beginning, and you’d like to purchase your own bowling ball but want to limit the expense, consider closeout bowling balls from We offer bowling balls for every skill level, and you can select the weight and have us custom drill the finger holes on your behalf.

Closeout Bowling BallsAt, customers enjoy a large inventory with great variety, simple purchase procedures, free standard shipping, and hassle-free returns.

We are the online bowling superstore, and as such, we offer informed and helpful customer support, first run products, and quality merchandise. If by some odd circumstance, we’re out of stock of an item, we can source it within mere days.

Consider these Closeout Balls at

  • Motiv Forge Fire Bowling Ball – High Performance for Medium to Heavy Oil Conditions; hybrid reactive coverstock and symmetrical core.
  • Storm Pitch Purple Bowling Ball – Mid Performance for Light to Medium Oil Patterns; urethane coverstock and symmetrical core.
  • Radical Results Bowling Ball – High Performance for Medium to Heavy Oil Conditions; pearl reactive coverstock and asymmetrical core.
  • Storm Trend Bowling Ball – High Performance for Medium to Heavy Oil Conditions; pearl reactive coverstock and symmetrical core.
  • Motiv Forge Flare Bowling Ball – High Performance for Medium to Heavy Oil Conditions; solid reactive coverstock and symmetrical core.

Master the Four-Step Approach to Bowling

If you’re a novice bowler, master the four step approach as one of the first skills within your bowling toolbox.

The four-step approach begins with both of your feet pointed in the direction of your target. Spread your feet to a comfortable and balanced distance, and move the slide shoe forward a couple of inches. With a little over half of your weight on the back most foot before you begin your approach.

The steps that you take should be the same distance as your walking distance, and begin with your dominant foot. Your focus should be on smooth movement forward toward the lane.

Where to begin your approach? Your height will actually play a role in your starting point. A bowler who is 6’ tall will begin at the set of dots 12’ from the foul line, and shorter bowlers will begin closer. With a bit of trial and error, determine where you should begin to end about 6” from the foul line.

The approach toward the lanes should be continuous, uniform, and smooth. As long as you meet these standards, your swing will have a pace and momentum that falls in with the stride.

The first three steps of the approach should include a slight knee bend where the large muscle groups encourage stable forward movement and keep balanced pressure on both ends of the foot. Keep your legs relaxed, balanced, and parallel as you slide forward.

Keep your direction straight as you approach no matter where you begin.

A great purchase to pair with your new discounted bowling ball is a personal pair of bowling shoes and a few lessons from a coach to perfect your form and learn the style that works best for you.

Closeout bowling balls from are worthy additions to your bowling stash. Whether you’re purchasing as a gift for the bowler in your life or to add to your own bowling bag, we’re here to make the process work well for you. Discover more about the available bowling balls in our inventory by calling us at (844) 269-5379 or reaching out online.