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Cool Bowling Balls

True bowling enthusiasts have their own balls. Cool bowling balls come in all designs, colors, and specs to suit every individual bowler, and provides a plethora of options. We offer a large inventory, simple purchase processes, and free shipping.

Cool Bowling BallsAs the online bowling superstore, provides supportive and flexible customer service, a knowledgeable staff, the lowest prices, and remarkable quality goods. More than 2,000 distinct items complete our catalog, and we can source goods outside of our catalog in fewer than three days.

A Bowling Ball History

The history of the bowling ball is as difficult to pinpoint as the precise origin of the sport itself. Given the evidence that bowling existed as early as Ancient Egypt, one could suppose that those stone balls would be the first known bowling balls.

From stone to hardwood composition, bowling balls evolved across time. In the late 1800s, the Brunswick Corporation started constructing rubber bowling balls until the 1970s. At this point, bowling ball makers started using hard polyester before transitioning to urethane balls in the 1980s. Further improvements to the bowling ball core have resulted in the bowling balls currently produced.

Choosing Your Personal Ball

The right ball for you will depend on far more than aesthetics. The plethora of options on the market means that you can find the look you prefer as well as the functionality your game needs.

The Variations of the Core

The internal piece or pieces of a bowling ball affect the speed and direction during the roll. Numerous types and combinations of bowling ball cores are available including pancake, symmetrical, and asymmetrical styles. Different constructions produce different results.

Variations on the Coverstock

Bowling ball coverstocks come in three variations: polyester/plastic, urethane, and reactive resin.

A polyester coverstock is the ball of preference for beginner bowlers and experienced bowlers in search of a strike. A ball with this type of coverstock has limited friction for a straight throw. The polyester also prevents absorption of oil, so the ball will last longer than bowling balls with other coverstocks.

As bowlers gain experience, they typically move up to a urethane coverstock bowling ball. The urethane coverstock option offers superior hooking potential for bowlers learning to throw a hook pattern.

A reactive resin coverstock cuts right through oil, so it’s the preferred ball for bowlers who play in heavier oil conditions. Reactive resin coverstocks are available as solid, pearl, and hybrid types. Every advanced or pro bowler should have one of these balls available, but appropriate care is always a concern because resin coverstocks absorb oil and require frequent cleaning and regular resurfacing.

The Choice of Bowling Ball Weights

The best bowling weight for you will depend on your size and strength. Your own bowling ball will be easier to hold and throw than those provided by the bowling lanes because of the custom-drilled finger holes, so you can add two pounds to the weight of the ball you usually choose when you bowl to get an accurate idea of the weight you should order. offers the best in bowling balls whether you prefer the dangerous, cool, or cute aesthetic, but the design never requires sacrificing an iota of quality. Call (844) 269-5379 today for more info on our products or to place an order; you can also do so around the clock with our online service.