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Custom Bowling Balls Near Me

Send a clear message the next time you step up to bowl! Custom bowling balls from are always “near me” since they’re as close as your keyboard.

Custom Bowling Balls Near offers a full catalog of bowling products for the bowling enthusiast at any skill level. All of the products here at the online bowling superstore are priced competitively, and our customer service reps know their stuff and dedicate themselves to helping customers find the perfect product.

If you doubt our commitment to customer satisfaction, consider this: we provide free standard shipping and a no questions asked return policy. If you’re ever disappointed with a purchase, as long as it’s in new condition, double box or double bag it and send it back. This return option may not be available for customized products, but before we finalize production, we reach out for final approval.

Custom Ball Design

For yourself or as a gift, a custom ball with your own photo, graphic, or logo will be quite a hit. We produce these balls with a plastic/polyester coverstock to work with anyone’s level of bowling skill. Beginners often use plastic bowling balls as they learn form, and once that form is perfect the plastic ball still works well for picking up the last ball to make a spare!

To design your own custom ball, will require two things: the image you want on your ball and your custom finger and hand measurements. Keep in mind that we can’t create custom clear bowling balls, and we can’t use copyrighted images.

Other Custom Bowling Merchandise

Custom bowling balls aren’t the only products that can provide. We also facilitate the creation of your own bowling shirts and shoes.

Complete Your Bowling Toolbox

If you decide bowling is the sport for you, buying your own bowling ball just makes sense, and a custom ball is a fun way to clearly indicate whose bowling ball it is or the team to which you belong.

When ordering your first bowling ball, add two pounds to the weight of the house ball you usually use. The custom drilled finger holes will allow you to grip the ball more comfortably, and the additional weight will add momentum to your throw. Be careful not to add too many pounds though; a hurt arm won’t put points on the board.

Ordering your own bowling ball means you get to choose the coverstock! While the custom balls that we make with customers’ personal designs are plastic/polyester, we carry balls of all levels from beginner to high performance.

Once your form is set, you’ll graduate to a urethane coverstock and begin learning to hook. As you continue in your bowling pursuits, you may choose to invest in a performance ball with a reactive resin coverstock.

The core of the bowling ball creates momentum and direction. Your bowling ball core can be symmetrical or asymmetrical with the hook potential growing as the ball loses symmetry.

Whether you’re searching for custom bowling balls “near me” for your first ball, a team ball, or a gift for your favorite bowler, come to The bowling professionals here can guide you through the creation process, even providing help creating a logo if you’d like. Call us at (844) 2369-5379 or reach out online if we can be of any help as you shop!