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Custom Bowling Balls Online

Nothing will invoke your commitment to the game like custom bowling balls and other merchandise, and you can order it all online at We offer free shipping and outstanding service as part of our ultimate mission to spread the passion of bowling far and wide.

Custom Bowling Balls sells more than custom bowling balls. We’re also an authorized dealer for all of the major brands, and we provide stellar customer service for every single customer. Our top rating comes from that commitment as well as our low prices and love of bowling.

The catalog of inventory you’ll find at is broad and full. Come here to buy everything you need for the sport of bowling regardless of your skill level. From balls to shoes, bags, and various accessories, we cover the needs of the beginner up to the professional bowler.

Custom Bowling Supplies

Customizing your bowling merchandise at is easy. We can place your own logo, graphics, or photo on a plastic/polyester ball to serve as your beginner ball or your spare thrower. Bowling shoes and shirts can be customized in the same way. Bring your team together or suprise an avid bowler with a special personalized set. Two important items to note include that we can’t use copyrighted images and we can’t customize clear bowling balls.

Before final production, we will reach out for your approval to ensure unparalleled satisfaction.

The Bowling Ball Choice

Shopping for a bowling ball isn’t a surface only process. Whether you’re buying your first ball for perfecting form or replacing your latest high performance reactive resin ball, the weight of the ball should be as heavy as you can comfortably throw. For most bowlers, this weight will be two pounds heavier than the weight of your favorite house ball.

The custom drilled finger holes make the greater weight more comfortable to grip and throw without injury.

Coverstocks on bowling balls are also key to performance. In short, plastic/polyester balls like those we customize are ideal for newbies and picking up spares by more seasoned bowlers. As skill improves, bowlers will move on to urethane and then on to reactive resin coverstocks for higher performance.

Other than the coverstock, the internal composition, or the core, controls the momentum and direction of the bowling ball. This core can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Hook and asymmetry are directly proportional, so if you’re up to a challenge, choose an aggressively asymmetrical ball.

The Best Bowling Brands

The bowling world has several major brands that you can count on for quality, durability, and performance.

  • Columbia 300 – founded in 1960; first to use plastic in bowling balls
  • Brunswick – one of the premiere bowling brands since founding in 1880s
  • Ebonite – founded in 1907, parent company of Columbia 300
  • Radical – founded in 2010 by Phil Cardinale, provides balls for entire bowler spectrum
  • DV8 – founded in 2011, known for flash and bowling balls that meet all skill levels
  • Roto Grip – founded in 1955, specialize in high-performance bowling balls

As you work your way through all of the major brands, identify the best weight, coverstock, and core, or choose a customized design, give us a call for help. We at await the opportunity to help spread the love of bowling: (844) 269-5379.