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Hammer Bowling Products

If you’d like to nail down a few strikes at the bowling lanes, invest in quality Hammer bowling products purchased here at

Hammer Bowling ProductsHeadquartered in Bethlehem, PA, provides excellent products and pricing. You can shop with us at any time and receive the best customer service, free shipping, and straightforward returns.

Our inventory is full of bowling-related merchandise. We stock everything that a bowler could possibly need whether he or she is new to the sport or an experienced professional.

Introducing Hammer Bowling

Under the umbrella of Ebonite International, Hammer Bowling produces mid to high performance bowling balls and accessories. The company’s proud to sponsor several professional and Olympic bowlers.

Hammer came to life as the second urethane bowling ball, and later became known as the first to make a two-piece urethane bowling ball.

In 2019, Hammer Bowling, and the rest of Ebonite International, came under the umbrella of Brunswick Bowling Products, LLC.

Bowlers who want to do damage on the lanes choose the Hammer brand.

  • Solid Reactive Resin Bowling Balls
    • Hammer Infamous Bowling Ball
    • Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball
    • Hammer Redemption Solid Bowling Ball
    • Hammer Raw Hammer Black Bowling Ball
  • Pearl Reactive Resin Bowling Balls
    • Hammer Web MB Bowling Ball
    • Hammer Raw Hammer Pearl/Silver/White Bowling Ball
    • Hammer Web Pearl Bowling Ball
  • Hybrid Reactive Resin Bowling Balls
    • Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball
    • Hammer Orange/Black Hybrid Bowling Ball
    • Hammer Web Tour Hybrid Bowling Ball
    • Hammer Scorpion Bowling Ball

How to Choose the Right Weight of Bowling Ball

When you’re buying your Hammer, let’s determine which weight to buy. Bowling balls max out at 16 pounds, and the lightest ball is generally 6 pounds. The weight that you choose must be specific to you, and you alone.

An Individual Decision

Just because the guy next to you hurls an 11-pound ball down the lanes with grace and speed doesn’t mean you should. If a person is able to throw a ball that easily, the bowling ball is not heavy enough. The ideal weight should be the heaviest that you can comfortably throw regularly.

If you grab a ball that’s too heavy and try to use it, you will injure yourself. To continue bowling all ten frames, choose a ball that is just heavy enough.

How do you find your Goldilocks bowling ball weight?

Heavier balls produce more force, but the ball has to be thrown with enough speed to get there. The ball that you choose should be the heaviest that you can bowl throughout the day without inconsistency.

A Few Tricks

Option 1: Many experts suggest that the ball you choose should be 10% of your weight, with a max of 16 pounds. Anyone 160 pounds and up should choose a 16-pound ball. However, this rule assumes that you’re in good health.

If you’re beginning and not in peak condition, start lighter and gradually move to the 10% goal.

Option 2: If you bowl regularly, you likely have a house ball weight in mind. In that case, you can add 2 pounds to the house ball you prefer in order to identify your ideal bowling ball weight. With custom-drilled holes, you’ll be able to firmly and comfortably hold a heavier bowling ball.

To order the Hammer bowling products that you love, at low prices, with free shipping, and with no-questions-asked returns, navigate to or call (844) 269-5379.