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Heavy Oil Bowling Balls

Tournament and professional bowling lane conditions differ from casual bowling lanes. The heavy oil on the lanes during competitive play greatly affects how the bowling balls glide down the lane, so serious bowlers choose appropriate balls for those conditions. offers a variety of heavy oil appropriate bowling balls manufactured by all the major bowling brands.

Heavy Oil Bowling provides an inventory that numbers over 2,000 distinct products as an authorized dealer of all the major bowling brands. We offer every bowling product you’ll need whether you’re new to the sport or a professional. Furthermore, we back every sale and provide the lowest possible prices. Come to us for your bowling balls, bags, shoes, shirts, accessories, and more.

Choosing Balls for Heavy Oil Conditions

A bowling ball used in heavy oil conditions must be able to create friction despite the oil’s presence. The materials that accomplish this goal also absorb the oil as the ball rolls through it. As a rule, the essential friction negates the use of polyester/plastic or urethane coverstock bowling balls in heavy oil conditions.

The coverstock in heavy oil should be reactive resin.

Reactive resin coverstocks can be either solid, pearl, or hybrid style.

The absorptive nature of the coverstock aids in gripping the lane, but it also creates a greater demand for maintenance and care. Every single throw will see more oil and debris accumulation, negatively affecting the ball’s performance.

The core of the bowling ball is the heavy weight held within the coverstock material. Bowling ball cores can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, and the asymmetrical core offers excellent hook potential and back-end reaction. With an asymmetrical core, you may not have as much control over your throw in heavy oil, so many bowlers prefer a symmetrical core in heavy oil lane conditions.

Keep in mind as you shop for a bowling ball for your next tournament that high performance balls can be expensive. Think of them as an investment in your game. offers plenty of products to help you care for your ball as the investment that it is.

Come to for Your Bowling Ball Purchase

If you’re looking for the online bowling superstore, you’ve found it. Lee Sandt, the founder and owner of is a long-time bowling lover who is familiar with league and tournament play. Our mission is to spread the love of bowling, and that’s what we do, daily.

As you browse options for heavy oil bowling, speak with our customer support team. The entire staff here is well-informed and able to guide your purchase making process. Consider the following inexhaustive list of options:

  • Hybrid Reactive Bowling Balls
    • Motiv Forge Fire
    • Motiv Ripcord
    • Roto Grip Idol Synergy
    • Storm Parallax
    • Radical Zing Hybrid
    • Storm Incite
    • Motiv Trident Horizon
    • Hammer Redemption Hybrid
  • Pearl Reactive Bowling Balls
    • Storm Omega Crux
    • Motiv Jackal Flash
    • Storm Axiom Pearl
    • Motiv Trident Nemesis
    • Storm IQ Tour Nano Pearl
    • Storm Trend
    • Motiv Villain Scorn
    • Radical Results
  • Solid Reactive Bowling Balls
    • Motiv Jackal Ghost
    • Hammer Black Widow 2.0
    • Motiv Jackal Legacy
    • Hammer Redemption Solid
    • Storm Hy-Road Max
    • Motiv Forge Flare

Clearly, has a plethora of appropriate bowling balls for heavy oil conditions. Plan to knock all the racks with a ball that suits your style, personality, and frame. Invest in yourself with a competitive edge by calling (844) 269-5379 or reaching out online.