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How to Hold Bowling Ball

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Holding a Bowling Ball

Most bowling balls will have three holes. The largest is generally located below the top two which are side by side.

Carefully put your ring and middle finger in the side by side holes and your thumb in the other as you support the weight of the ball with your non-throwing hand.

Be certain that your fingers go deeply into the holes, typically down to the second knuckle joint on each finger. The ball should feel quite secure in your hand. This type of grip gives you the most control over the ball.

However, if you prefer a fingertip grip, just insert your fingers to the first knuckle joint instead. The weight of the ball will then be supported solely by your fingertips.

Throwing a Straight Shot

Now that you know how to hold the ball, the next step is learning how to throw the shots you want. If you are hoping to throw a straight shot, generally for the purpose of taking down spares, these are the necessary steps:

  • Keep your bowling hand directly underneath the ball with a straight wrist and bend your elbow to a 90-degree angle.
  • Take two or three steps while you swing your bowling arm out and back. Ensure that you keep your wrist, hips, and shoulders aimed straight ahead.
  • When the ball comes forward, bend your knee and release it as it passes your ankle. Make sure you keep your hand straight and your palm up the entire time.
  • Follow through by swinging your arm straight toward the pins you are aiming for.

Throwing a Hook Shot

Side rotation and revolution are combined to create a good hook shot. Essentially how you rotate and release your fingers will be more important than how your wrist moves. Trying to rotate your wrist to force a spin will more than likely make it difficult to control the ball and could land you in the gutter. Use this technique instead:

  • Use the normal approach except remove your thumb from the ball as you take your final step. If you leave your thumb in too long it will make it hard to control the ball.
  • Rather than dropping the ball onto the lane, lift your ring and middle fingers up and to the side of the ball while simultaneously turning them counter-clockwise for right-handers or clockwise for left-handers.
  • When you release the ball, your arm should continue to swing toward the target. At first it will travel straight, but then you will notice the side rotation.

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