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New Hammer Bowling Balls

If you’re considering purchasing a first-time or replacement ball for yourself or as a gift for someone else, consider the new Hammer bowling balls available here at We’re an authorized dealer of this top brand, as well as the other quality bowling brands around the world.

The Hammer Bowling Brand

New Hammer Bowling BallsThe Hammer Bowling Brand motto is “Nothing Hits Like a Hammer.” Producing a wide range of bowling products, Hammer bowling balls cover the spectrum of performance expectations from high performance to mid lower performance and spare performance balls. Bowlers can match their bowling balls to their accessories with bags, gloves, towels, attire, shoes, and more brandishing the Hammer brand – all at low prices and with free shipping when they order from

The Hammer Brand, now part of Brunswick Bowling since the purchase of Ebonite International in 2019, comes to life at two manufacturing sites: one in Hopkinsville, KY, and the other in Reynosa, Mexico. The brand has a long history of leading the way in providing powerful and durable bowling products.

Hammer Bowling Ball Options

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball – The new version of the classic Black Widow bowling ball shares the aesthetic of the original with adjustments made to grip the lanes even with modern oils. Even in heavy oil conditions, this ball will manifest in high scores and fun play. It’s an upgrade on the original, worthy of the name.

Hammer Web MB Bowling Ball – The Web MB ball is the first asymmetrical entry to the Web series of bowling balls. The coverstock is a glossy box finish that engenders an effortless throw, and the sparking blue and purple aesthetic is out of this world.

The MB in Web MB ball stands for Mass Bias, alluding to the lengthened Spheroid Core designed for an increased reaction inspired by asymmetry in the core. The easy throw and powerful backend make this ball a great option for medium oil performance.

These and other Hammer bowling balls provide powerful tools for professional and casual play. Web, Redemption, and Fugitive bowling balls are all available here within the Hammer line of balls.

The Commitment

The company’s dedication to the sport of bowling is clear. We operate the online bowling superstore with a massive inventory numbering more than 2,000 distinct products. In addition, the products that we don’t have in stock can be located within three days or less. The staff is friendly, available, and most importantly, knowledgeable about bowling. We can provide useful guidance along the way to choose the right bowling ball for you.

Bowling balls from come in all sizes, and we’ll customize the drilling to suit your finger and span size. The choice of ball will be influenced by several factors, and the decision can be difficult. Having a helpful team of professional bowlers is indispensable in this regard. When the decision is made, we’ll ship for free! provides the assistance of a local pro shop housed in Town and Country Lanes in Bethlehem, PA. We offer USBC Silver level coaching at this location under the guidance of our founder and owner, professional leaguer Lee Sandt. allows around the clock shopping for new Hammer bowling balls as well as any other bowling-related merchandise. For superior bowling products of all sorts, call (844) 269-5379 or check out our website.

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