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Upcoming Bowling Ball Releases

Upcoming releases of some of the best bowling ball brands are the talk of! We’re ready to take your pre-orders 24/7, providing friendly customer service, free standard shipping, and remarkably affordable costs. Be the first of your league to have the new, hot bowling ball.

The Bowling Product Source You Can Trust

Upcoming Bowling Ball ReleasesWhether you’re new to the bowling arena or an experienced professional, is the ideal source for all the bowling merchandise you need. Bowling balls, bags, shoes, towels, attire, and more are all available here at reasonable prices.

We are the online bowling superstore, but we also have a physical location at Town & Country Lanes in Bethlehem, PA, where we have a pro shop and offer Silver-Level USBC coaching services. Lee Sandt, the owner of is a PBA member and serves as an example for passionate provision of branded bowling-related products.

Upcoming Bowling Ball Brands Available for Pre-Order:

  • Storm
  • Motiv
  • DV8
  • 900 Global
  • Hammer
  • Legends
  • Radical
  • Track
  • Columbia 300
  • Brunswick

In addition to newly released bowling balls, we also sell a wide variety of discontinued balls that are no longer in production. Much like last season’s fashions, these quality balls are still good, high performing bowling balls, but they’re available at discounted prices.

How to Take Care of Your Bowling Gear

As a musician cares for his or her instrument and a golfer babies his or her clubs, so should a bowler his or her bowling equipment. Taking proper care of your bowling gear extends the life of the equipment and makes sure that you don’t suffer a performance decline.

Quality bowling balls are investments. Consistent performance requires that you protect the coverstock. Bear in mind that the sport of bowling involves rolling the ball through a layer of oil, hitting pins, and banging its way through the return mechanisms. This abuse should be accompanied by regular care.

Refinishing of the Bowling Ball

If your ball’s performance has already decreased, a visual inspection will indicate any obvious defects and dirt. Be aware that you likely have some issues you can’t even see with your naked eyes. You’ll find bowling ball cleaner available for purchase here at, but you should also bring your ball in for refinishing after every 50 games or so.

Cleaning the Ball during Play

While bowling, you should have a microfiber towel handy to wipe the ball with each throw. You’ll find these on as well. A thorough cleaning with bowling ball cleaning products should follow every game.

The Condition of Your Bowling Shoes Matters

If you’re a serious bowler, bowling shoes are another important investment that you should make. Your bowling shoes will significantly affect your play, so you should keep the soles of the shoes in excellent condition.

Keep in Bowling Shape

Bowling is a great form of exercise. It also requires a certain amount of athleticism and muscle memory. You need to practice regularly and might even consider a bit of coaching to continually improve your bowling skill.

If you’ve been looking forward to the upcoming bowling ball releases, is the perfect place for you. We can guide you through the selection process, find difficult to locate products, and explain the fine details that matter more than you might imagine. You should contact us online or by dialing (844) 269-5379 to ask questions or place an order.