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Upcoming Bowling Balls

Interest in the upcoming release of new bowling balls might be due to a number of factors ranging from a recent introduction to the sport to a pro bowler’s excitement about the newest version of their favorite ball brand. No matter your reason, come to for an easy purchase, free shipping, and impeccable condition upon delivery.

Upcoming Bowling is the online bowling superstore.

The qualities that appeal to our loyal customers include our strong customer support, informed customer service team, rock bottom pricing, and quality products. We stock over 2,000 separate items including every conceivable bowling related product. Those not in our inventory can be located swiftly, usually within 2-3 days.

Upcoming Bowling Balls Available for Pre-Order:

  • Storm Hy-Road max Bowling Ball: Release Date: 2/19/2021
  • Motiv Purple Tank Bowling Ball: Release Date: 3/10/2021
  • Clear Red Rose Bowling Ball: Release Date: 2/8/2021
  • DV8 Damn Good Verge Bowling Ball: Release Date: 2/18/2021
  • Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball Release Date: 3/12/2021
  • Storm Incite Bowling Ball Release Date: 2/19/2021
  • 900 Global Honey Badger Intensity Bowling Ball Release Date: 3/12/2021
  • Hammer Obsession Tour Bowling Ball Release Date: 2/18/2021
  • Legends Blue Diamond Limited Bowling Ball Release Date: 2/26/2021
  • Radical Incognito Pearl Bowling Ball Release Date: 3/4/2021
  • DV8 Hell Raiser Return Bowling Ball Release Date: 2/18/2021
  • Hammer Obsession Bowling Ball Release Date: 2/18/2021
  • Radical Pandemonium Solid Bowling Ball Release Date: 3/4/2021
  • Track Kinetic Platinum Bowling Ball Release Date: 3/4/2021
  • Columbia 300 Dynamic Swing Pearl Bowling Ball Release Date: 3/4/2021
  • Brunswick Zenith Pearl Bowling Ball Release Date: 3/4/2021

How to Identify the Bowling Ball for You

All bowling balls are not created equal. The qualities you should consider when choosing the right ball include your bowling ability, throwing style, and bowling ball composition.

The Core Breakdown

A bowling ball’s outer shell is the cover stock, and the internal engineered weight is the core. It creates a specific type of direction and momentum when thrown down the lane, and multiple variations of core designs exist.

Breaking Down the Cover Stocks

Cover stock materials are generally either polyester, urethane, or reactive.

Polyester cover stocks are used on balls for newbies and for picking up strikes because the friction deficit limits the hook of the ball. This type of cover stock lasts longer because of its lower porosity.

Urethane cover stocks provide excellent hook potential and are wonderful for those perfecting their throw.

The reactive resin cover stock has an excellent hook and can cut through heavy oil conditions. These balls are preferred by professionals and advanced bowlers. The reactive resin cover stock comes in three types – solid, pearl, and hybrid.

Identify Your Ideal Bowling Ball Weight

The best way to determine the ball weight for you depends on to whom you are speaking. While some say that the ball needs to be about 10% of your body weight, up to 16 lbs., but others say you should simply add two lbs. to the weight of the house ball that you’re most comfortable bowling. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overthrow; you risk injury if you bowl with a ball heavier than is appropriate.

Check out all the upcoming bowling balls at If you need further help choosing the right one, give us a call at (844) 269-5379 or send a message online. We’re always happy to help spread the love of bowling!