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Upcoming Brunswick Bowling Balls welcomes the upcoming release of new Brunswick bowling balls. These bowling balls, along with all of our other branded bowling merchandise, are available around the clock online at the rock bottom dollar and in the best possible condition.

The Brunswick Zenith Pearl Bowling Ball, scheduled for release on March 4, 2021, is one of many upcoming balls we have available here for pre-order. We’re authorized to deal in each brand we sell, and the quality of our products is above reproach.

Upcoming Brunswick Bowling BallsIn addition to the remarkability of our products, offers simple ordering online, free shipping, and a hassle-free return policy. Our customer service team consists of lovers of bowling prepared to provide information and guided purchases – all in an effort to spread the love of bowling.

The Power of the Brunswick Brand

The Brunswick brand goes back as far as organized bowling itself in the late 1880s. Having Brunswick branded merchandise should be a requirement for anyone who claims to enjoy the sport. This brand is known for the production of numerous bowling products and bowling brands including DV8, Radical, and Brunswick itself.

Proper Bowling Ball Care and Maintenance

Bowling ball maintenance is of the utmost importance. Remember that oil and dirt will accumulate on your ball with each pass down the lane. Some cover stocks resist absorption better than others. Wiping your bowling ball between throws will remove the surface oil and limit absorption. Following a game of bowling, you should clean your ball with a cleaner made specifically for your type of ball.

All the cleaning in the world won’t prevent 100% of oil seepage. Professional cleaning and refinishing after every 50 games or so are fully appropriate. The pro shop in your area should be able to provide this service.

Professional Cleaning Method

At the pro shop, your ball will be cleaned with heat. The pro shop will utilize a special oven that bakes out the oil at a constant 110-degree temperature combined with rotation and wiping. Your own home oven will not be able to duplicate this method. Read on for information about at-home deep cleaning of bowling balls.

At-Home Cleaning Methods

While we at don’t suggest it, some people choose to clean their bowling balls at home with the hot water bath process.

The materials you’ll need are a large bucket, liquid dish detergent, waterproof tape, and a microfiber towel. You’ll begin by using the waterproof tape to cover the drilled holes, preventing water from entering.

Next, you’ll prepare the water by filling the bucket with hot, hot tap water and adding a small amount of liquid dish soap.

Once the water is ready, place the prepared ball in the water, spinning it every so often. Leave it for around 20 minutes for each soaking session. After each soaking period, take the ball out of the water and dry it well using the microfiber towel.

This process ought to be repeated until no oil comes from the ball.

Investing in a bowling ball can work wonders for your skill level and points scored. By practicing regularly and protecting your ball, you’ll keep its performance, and your own, in tip-top condition.

If you’re waiting on the upcoming Brunswick bowling balls, you’re in luck! These, as well as our other products, can be purchased 24/7 by calling (844) 269-5379 or ordering via our website,