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Upcoming Storm Bowling Balls

The excitement of the upcoming release of Storm bowling balls has come to These balls should come with a weather warning. Instead of heavy rain and wind, the storm these balls create will consist of thunder, strikes, and TURKEYS!

Upcoming Storm Bowling Balls

  • Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball
  • Storm Hy-Road Max Bowling Ball
  • Storm Incite Bowling Ball

Upcoming Storm Bowling BallsStorm stands out for quality bowling and uniquely scented bowling balls., rated first for customer service, informed support, and low prices, is an online bowling superstore. Any bowling product you can imagine is found within our stock, and if by some situation, it’s out of inventory, we can locate it within a few days. We’re an authorized dealer and stand behind every sale we make.

What to Know When Making a Bowling Ball Purchase

Our goal at is to spread the love of bowling, and the best way to do that is make sure that our customers find balls that are perfect for them. The ball for you may not be right for the next person in line. Let’s consider together the important elements involved with buying the perfect bowling ball.

Cover Stocks

The cover stock is the outside shell of the bowling ball that comes in direct contact with the lanes. In general, cover stocks come in three varieties, namely, polyester (plastic), urethane, and reactive resin.

The polyester balls have the least grip on the lanes, and reactive resin have the most. The friction level contributes greatly to the hook potential, or lack thereof.

Most bowlers begin with polyester balls when learning to throw, and they’ll graduate to a urethane ball and then to a reactive resin ball should they become serious about bowling or bowl in heavy oil lane conditions.

As the hook potential and grip of the cover stock increases, so does the price.

Bowling Ball Cores

The purpose of a bowling ball core is to create momentum and direct the ball as it rolls down the lane. You’ll find a variety of bowling ball core designs. To prescribe the best core type for your throwing style, consider visiting the local pro shop to try out a few different designs.

Custom-Drilled Holes

Buying your own bowling ball only makes sense if you have the holes custom drilled to your hand. We at will perform this drilling on your behalf, but you’ll need to supply the measurements. Securing these numbers might require a trip to the nearest pro shop since they’ll likely have the appropriate equipment for taking them.

Put in the Time

Once you have your ideal bowling ball with its custom drilled holes, you should put in the time at the lanes. You’ll need to get used to your bowling ball in order to maximize your performance. The perfect storm requires the perfect conditions, and one of these is skill.

Coaching is always an option as well. In fact, our pro shop at Town & Country Lanes in Bethlehem, PA, offers USBC Silver Level coaching services. welcomes bowlers of all stripes to purchase the upcoming Storm bowling balls or any other branded bowling product ranging from bags and balls to attire, maintenance products, and other accessories. If you’d like purchase-decision aid or more info about products, call (844) 269-5379 or reach out online.

Storm Hy Road Pearl Bowling Ball
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Storm Phaze III Bowling Ball
Storm Axiom Bowling Ball
Storm Parallax Bowling Ball
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