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What Does the Pin Do in a Bowling Ball?

Ever wondered, “What does the pin do in a bowling ball?” Well, let the family of professional bowlers at explain! is a family owned business based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We are rated #1 in customer service, pricing, and product knowledge. When you shop with us you can be sure you will receive top of the line products from major brands like Track, Hammer, Brunswick, Columbia, Dexter, DV8, Lord Field, Motiv, Roto Grip, and Storm at excellent prices.

What Does the Pin Do in a Bowling Ball?Since 2008, customers have been trusting as one of the largest online bowling retailers in the country. As an authorized dealer for all the brands we offer, we stand behind every sale. Because we are the online bowling superstore, we have plenty of experience and knowledge in this industry. We can definitely help you understand the purpose of the pin in the bowling ball.

Pin Placement Purpose

When selecting the right bowling ball for you, there are many factors that you need to understand. Bowling balls react to the bowler’s release technique. Bowling balls can’t work their magic if your technique is bad. The coverstock of the ball determines its reaction on the lane, and the core of the ball is the engine that drives it.

As far as the purpose of a pin’s placement, it ultimately determines the reaction the ball will have based on the drilling layout and how close or far the pin is from your positive axis point. To know your axis point, you will need to bring your ball to a pro shop like BowlerX, where they can measure it for you.

To decrease the flare potential of that ball and to get it to roll early so that very little backend reaction occurs, the pin should be placed directly on your axis point. However, if you are looking for maximum flare you will want to leverage drilling and place the pin 3 3/8 inches from your positive axis point. Keep in mind that all bowling balls have different flare potential and that is also determined by the bowler’s release.

The bottom line here, is that the farther you place the pin away from the positive access point, the farther it will go down the lane and the more backend action you will see.

But don’t neglect the fact that the pin placement, in relation to your grip, plays a role as well. Pins that are located above the fingers flip harder on the backend than those that are below the fingers. Pins above the fingers are said to be in the flip position and those below the fingers are said to be in the free spin position.

Obviously, when you are getting a ball drilled there are many things to take into consideration. We suggest talking to your pro shop about all the equipment you are using and what you see happening on the lanes you frequent. Education is always the best tool in this sport. So, we hope you now have more knowledgeable about pin placement purpose.

“What does the pin do in a bowling ball?” Lots of things, and now you know. But if you need additional help, please contact our experts online or by phone at 844.269.5379.