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What Stores Sell Bowling Shoes

Have you been wondering what stores sell bowling shoes? Look no further than We offer the widest selection of bowling shoes and can meet the needs of all bowlers no matter their skill levels.

What Stores Sell Bowling is the online bowling superstore. We are based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and are rated #1 for pricing, product knowledge, and customer service. We offer the widest online selection of bowling shoes, from entry level to pro performance interchangeable sole/heel shoes. Enjoy affordable choices from Dexter, 3G, KR Strikeforce, Brunswick, Storm, and Hammer.

How to Buy Bowling Shoes

If this is your first time buying a pair of bowling shoes, you probably don’t even know where to start. No doubt you rarely see bowling shoes outside of the bowling center you frequent. However, if you intend to do more than casual bowling, buying your own pair of bowling shoes is essential. Here is what to look for when purchasing bowling shoes:

Two main shoe options

When it comes to purchasing bowling shoes you should know that you will need to choose between an athletic style or a performance shoe. Understanding the differences between the two should help you choose the one most suitable for your bowling game.

Athletic bowling shoes are very much like your typical gym shoe, yet they are specifically made for bowling. Both soles will offer you sliding abilities and the heels will provide the braking aspects required for a good game. However, these shoes are really only suitable if you are a beginner or someone who doesn’t bowl more than once a week.

Performance shoes suit their name. Each shoe is specifically designed for one purpose. Your dominant foot will wear the braking shoe and your other the sliding shoe. These shoes are created based on right- and left-handedness just like your professional bowling ball. The soles on the sliding shoe typically come with interchangeable sole pads so that you can match your gait with the type of surface you are bowling on.

Getting the right fit

Although you may be able to find regular shoes with a few different width options, bowling shoes offer you a variety of choices. This is just as essential to your game as the type of shoe you choose. Your shoe should neither be too tight or too loose.

If the shoe doesn’t fit properly, and snuggly, your balance can be thrown off. This can lead to injury and will definitely negatively affect your game. Have your feet professionally measured. Though you might think you know your accurate size, the truth is, our feet change over time. So, if you want the perfect fit, you need to get the perfect size!

Now that you know how to buy bowling shoes, you will want to find stores that sell them. Contact the experts at You can reach us online or give us a call at 844.269.5379 today.